Ukraine needs to have serious ambitions to develop systemic cooperation with China – Yenin


Ukraine needs to have serious ambitions and be ready for non-standard solutions in order to build systematic cooperation with China for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin wrote about this on his Facebook page on January 6, commenting on the 29th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the PRC.

The diplomat noted that our countries have been consistently laying strong foundations of relations for decades, each year creating a stronger foundation for a true partnership.

Yenin recalled that the main achievements of Ukrainian-Chinese relations in recent years were the introduction of strategic partnership, the conclusion of a major political agreement, the development and diversity of economic ties, the introduction of promising areas of interaction within the New Silk Road initiative, the strengthening of scientific and technical cooperation, the expansion of humanitarian relations, and the deepening of opportunities for mutual knowledge of our peoples.

“Purposeful and systematic cooperation with China will certainly contribute to the modernization of the Ukrainian economy and help ensure mutual benefit. For this, we need to have serious and real ambitions, withstand tough competition and not be afraid of non-standard solutions to overcome the challenges of our time, including the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the deputy minister wrote.

On January 4, 2021, Ukraine and the People’s Republic of China celebrate the 29th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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  • Only a fool would trust Communist China. They are absolutely not interested in anyone’s welfare except theirs. Besides that, they are in bed with the Moskali and everything they can steal will go to the Moskali too. China buys stooges all over the world to paint nice pictures about them, as we’ve seen with the Bidens and nothing good can come from it, especially with a one-sided partisan media to help hide the truth.

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