Pompeo regrets lack of progress in eastern Ukraine



U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the current U.S. administration has not made much progress in resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine and he regrets that.

He said this in an interview with Bloomberg, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“We’ve done all of those things, and yet in southeast Ukraine there is still a conflict that hasn’t made – we haven’t made much progress nor have the Europeans made much progress in their diplomatic efforts as well.  I regret that.  I wish – I wish we would have made more progress during our time,” Pompeo said.

He has noted that “the conflict in Ukraine has been pretty frozen”.

“The Russians have twice made agreements that they have failed to live up to.  I regret that.  We have continued to do the things that are right by the Ukrainian people, whether that was our effort to stop Nordstream 2 from being built, whether it was the President’s decision to provide lethal defensive materials for the Ukrainians – something the previous administration refused repeatedly to do,” he said.

According to Pompeo, the United States “has tried to build up the capacity for the Ukrainian Government to defend itself from the threats that come from Russia, both the military threats, the information threats, the threats inside of Ukraine, the energy threats”

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  • Zelensky is a non-starter. Nobody was given more power to achieve a peace than the 75% guy. He wasted time and credit. He is now in a worse position than Poroshenko was.

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  • “the conflict in Ukraine has been pretty frozen”.
    Indeed, the minds of Western politicians are also pretty frozen, to say the least.
    After more than six years of war and having had no cease-fire worth the definition, it must be more than clear by now to anyone that mafia land cannot be moved to relent from its aggressive philosophy. At least, not with the tools implemented by Western governments. This fact should have been conspicuous after the first two or three years at most. In a few months, we will see the seventh anniversary of this conflict and we STILL have politicians who are working on resolving it with the SAME methodologies that have consistently FAILED over and over again. It boggles the mind to know that these incompetent monkeys form a part of our governments. A Churchill or Reagan would have never made such asses out of themselves!
    To say it once again, despite the ad nauseam it causes, the only language the criminals in Moscow understand are harsh responses. They should be literally hammered with painful sanctions.
    But, I fear that we will see another few years of this circus show. The only thing giving hope is mafia land’s continuous downward slide in economic performance.

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    • Nice post Sir Facts. It seems everyone is ok with the status quo. Zelensky is glad fewer are dying and the Kremlin Gremlin is glad his frozen conflict scheme is working too. We’ve seen this movie before in Transdnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhasia, Crimea and eastern Donbas. My gut tells me we are likely to see it in the C.A.R., Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon and Sudan too. Once the Putin plague grows roots they aren’t likely to leave without scorching them.

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  • stanleyankiewicz

    May 2021 be the year that the United States realizes that it is bound by international agreement to assist Ukraine in the defense of its territorial integrity.Even more so, it is honor bound as the world’s sole democratic superpower to defend a fledgling democracy fighting for its life. The survival of an independent and democratic Ukraine means defeat for Russia’s revanchist empire, and that will always be in the interest of the United States and its democratic allies.

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    • I sure hope you’re right SA but we’ve already seen what the new US administration did last time they were in charge of Ukrainian policy, Biden just sent his son to Ukraine to steal money and they sent blankets and 3-wheeled Hummers to aid Ukraine’s fight against fascism and his press secretary ran around the capital of the USA wearing a USSR cap….

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