Purchases of trolleybuses by Ukrainian cities in 2020 grows by 72% – AllTransUA

Purchases of trolleybuses by Ukrainian cities in 2020 grows by 72% – AllTransUA

Ukrainian cities purchased 337 trolleybuses in 2020 (including only five used ones), which is 72% more than in 2019, when 196 vehicles were purchased (including more than 20 used ones), AllTransUA has reported.

According to a message on the Facebook page, this increase is primarily due to the growth in the supply of equipment in cooperation with international financial institutions (mainly the EBRD and the EIB). In 2020, 82% of new trolleybuses were purchased using IFI funds (56% in 2019).

“Thus, 2020 even overtook 2011, when cities purchased many trolleybuses before the Euro 2012 championship and purchased 282 trolleybuses,” the message says.

At the same time, last year most of the new trolleybuses were delivered to Mariupol (72 units), Kryvy Rih (49 units), Zhytomyr (37 units) and Lviv (30 units) using IFI funds.

In the structure of supplies, the Belarusian Belkommunmash has more than doubled its share in the Ukrainian market reaching 38% (compared to 17% a year earlier), while the Ukrainian Bogdan has reduced it by half – to 21% from 40%.

At the same time, the share of a new manufacturer – Polytechnoservice (Brovary, Kyiv region), which produces trolleybuses based on the Belarusian bodies MAZ-203, began to grow, and, in addition to Vinnytsia, began to supply trolleybuses to Kharkiv. At the end of the year, its share was 5%.

“Thus, the total share of trolleybuses manufactured in Belarus or from Belarusian vehicle kits amounted to almost 70% of the Ukrainian market in 2020,” AllTransUA said.

According to experts, the Ukrainian companies Etalon and Electron remain exclusively local suppliers (their shares are 1% and 9% respectively): Electron remained on the market solely due to the supply of trolleybuses to Lviv, while Etalon limited itself to Chernihiv.

According to the report, cities have also begun to use the instrument of financial leasing more often: out of 60 new trolleybuses purchased not at the expense of IFIs, 26 were purchased through financial leasing (all built on MAZ bodies), and 34 – using budgetary funds via the ProZorro platform.

According to AllTransUA, the market of used trolleybuses in Ukraine is in stagnation. This year Zaporizhia purchased all five trolleybuses. These are Van Hool AG300 trolleybuses.

With regard to the tram car market, AllTransUA said that it continues to be at the stage of stagnation: out of 49 delivered trams, only nine are new, represented mainly by partially low-floor trams built on the basis of new bodies and a repaired chassis (in 2019, 10 new and 10 used trams).

At the same time, the Ukrainian Tatra-Yug shipped seven new K1E6 trams to Alexandria (Egypt) in November last year, completing the contract for the supply of 15 tram cars.


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