Of course, I like Putin. Interview of the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov to TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev. As short as possible

Earlier salaries of civil servants were small, they had to spin. I drove cars from Turkey . In the 1990s, the parade of sovereignties of the republics of the Russian Federation almost began. If Putin had not come then, there would have been no country. He made Russia come to its senses and shake itself. The USA broke all the rules of international politics. War is impossible as long as there is nuclear parity. Sanctions are a mark of quality. I watch TV maniacally. But I don’t watch your programs: I don’t like the form. The war of the Kremlin towers is an exaggeration. Telegram channels – cheap flush cisterns. Belarus is a red line, which we will not allow to intercede. Ukraine went beyond the red line. I have a high salary. My wife is not poor, but she works hard. In terms of business, I interfere with her. The pandemic has forced a well-fed world out of its comfort zone. While I  was wearing“Virus blocker”, I was not sick. I have faced serious criticism from the president. Putin is merciless to betrayal and theft. Putin could not commit “all those horrific crimes that are attributed to him . ” Putin lives at work with little five minutes for a human life. Putin is a good man. Of course, I like Putin.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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