Mykolaiv council member lands on Myrotvorets for New Year greetings with Putin’s image

The website calls him an “accomplice of Russian invaders” and a “provocateur.”Nevenchannyy (left) with Viktor Medvedchuk (right) / Photo from (left) with Viktor Medvedchuk (right) / Photo from

Member of Ukraine’s Mykolaiv City Council Maksym Nevenchannyy (Nevenchannyj) representing the Opposition Platform – For Life Party has been included in the so-called Myrotvorets (“Peacemaker”) database of persons who pose a threat to Ukraine’s national security.

His profile appeared on the Myrotvorets database after he had posted New Year’s greetings on his Facebook page with a screenshot of Russian President Vladimir Putin against the background of the Kremlin.

“The Myrotvorets Center asks law enforcement agencies to consider this publication on the site as a statement about committing by this citizen of deliberate acts against Ukraine’s national security, peace, human security, and international law and order, as well as other offenses,” the site says.

The website calls him an “accomplice of Russian invaders,” a “provocateur” and accused him of a “denial of Russian aggression.”

The Opposition Platform – For Life Party’s political council is headed by Viktor Medvedchuk, Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in Ukraine.Screenshot from myrotvorets.centerScreenshot from myrotvorets.centerNevenchannyy posted New Year's greetings with Putin's image / ScreenshotNevenchannyy posted New Year’s greetings with Putin’s image / Screenshot

Nevenchannyy has already reacted to the fact that he was included in the Myrotvorets database, saying that his post with Putin’s image had been criticized by “patriots on someone’s signal,” who “took it out on him because of high tariffs, poor healthcare services, and other things.” He is confident that his act was politically correct.

Nevenchannyy: Other controversial incidents

  • Several years ago, Nevenchannyy came under an “attack” with the use of eggs. Several dozen young people on December 2, 2017, tried to disrupt an event with his participation in Kherson for his pro-Russian sentiments.
  • And later, in May 2018, an unidentified person used a rubber sex toy to hit in Nevenchannyy’s face instead of a microphone while the politician was talking with journalists.

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  1. Quislings are a massive threat and need to be locked up. The worst ones should be executed. The gravity of treason is right up there with mass murder, paedophilia and terror.

      • On the related subject of people who elect to work on behalf of a fascist power, the following disgusting article appeared in the Times of Israel. It was clearly written by a Russian or Russia shill, as the article is total lies from start to finish. It is highly damaging to Ukraine. The right of reply should be granted and a retraction should be published. There should be an official apology for this naked piece of Russian collaboration. If not forthcoming, diplomatic relations should be suspended, as they should have been with Russia 7 years ago.

        • Many Ruskie scum live in Israel and unfortunately, they influence the country in certain negative ways.

          • Right facts. There are fucking loads of them. They have colonized the place. Most are not even Jews. They are mainly atheists and a few Orthodox. Almost all are loyal to putler. Which is why the little poisoner gloated that ‘Israel is a Russian-speaking country.’
            The time is long overdue for Israel to respond. Russia sponsors Israel’s mortal enemy Iran. There are almost zero acts of terror committed on Jews that are not done by Russian weaponry.
            Ukraine was the most Jewish country in the world until Russia and Germany did their filthy work. It is still a holy place for international Jewry. It is time for Israel to align itself fully with Ukraine and stop Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine from inside Israel.

  2. Why does Ukraine tolerate pro-Ruskie scum in places of influence? Ruskie versions of such individuals would never be even remotely tolerated in mafia land.

    • I think the Myrotvorets database is a good initiative and its recommendations should be acted upon.
      While Ukraine remains in great danger from the mangy cur next door, the fifth columnists need to be dealt with decisively. In ww2 in Britain, Hitler apologist Oswald Mosley and his followers were locked up for the duration and the worst one : William Joyce, AKA Lord Haw Haw, was strung up.

      • Stringing up the worst in Ukraine would also be the right thing to do, in particular since the country is at war with the cesspool. However, the pansies of the world would trounce on Ukraine for such an act.

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