KGB archives document Red Army’s atrocities against Ukrainian village in USSR after 1945

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The vicious behavior of the Red Army in eastern Europe in the last days of World War II has been widely documented but all too often excused because of the crimes committed by German forces in the USSR. But the crimes the Red Army visited on Soviet citizens in the Soviet West after the war was over have attracted less attention.

Two days ago, the portal published a selection of documents from the archives of the former KGB of the Ukrainian SSR which detail many such crimes by Soviet soldiers against Soviet citizens after the war was over and show that senior Soviet officials knew and did little to curb this viciousness. [It appears that the key document was originally discovered and published in a Ukrainian archivist community on Facebook. – Editor].

They were initially declassified by the Ukrainian authorities in 2013 but only now have been processed and made available for a broader audience. They may for horrific reading especially since the children of at least some of the victims of the Red Army rampage in 1946 are still alive.

The Soviet soldiers burned villages to the ground often with the residents killed in the process. They raped women, beat villagers and even took hostages. And all these things were reported by the Soviet secret police up the line to senior CPSU officials like Nikita Khrushchev who was then in charge of the Ukrainian SSR.

Credit: Published by Konstantin Boguslavskiy from ОГА СБУ, ф.16, оп.1, д.562.

Many Russians, reading these documents, will feel they are reading about Nazi crimes against Soviet citizens, monstrous crimes that occurred only a few years or even months earlier. “But” as Novyye izvestiya notes in reporting the publication of these document, “this was after the end of the war, and these were not Germans but their own.”

Often among the victims of this bacchanalia of violence were invalided out Soviet soldiers or the widows of Red Army men who had died at the front. They were either killed or left without the means of existence because the Red Army men burned all their food supplies, animals, and houses, the documents show.

Whether the reports of this violence led to punishment or a change in policy unfortunately can’t be established. Information on that is available only in Russian military archives. And they at present are closed, making a final determination impossible, Novyye izvestiya says with obvious bitterness and regret.

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  1. Here is an extract from one of the documents. It fully portrays the Soviet/Russian trash were no better than their former allies, the nazis. Zelensky should be forced to read these documents, then authorise an investigation into war crimes committed by the Kremlin.

    The document sent by the People’s Commissar of State Security of the Ukrainian SSR Savchenko to Khrushchev is called:
    “A special report on the atrocities committed by the soldiers of the 10th motorized division of Major General Pavlov over the inhabitants of the village of B. Zhiten, Alexandria district, Rivne region.”
    The document is about the 10th Guards Orenburg-Rovno Mech Division under the command of Major General Dmitry Nikolaevich Pavlov. How the story developed and how it ended, I don’t know.
    “… On the night of January 10, 1946, the 10th motorized-mechanized division of Major General Pavlov, passing through the village of Bolshoy Zhiten, Alexandriysky district, Rivne region, was fired upon by unknown bandits, in response to this, the soldiers of the unit perpetrated over the inhabitants of the village of B. A life of savage reprisals.
    That night, 23 peasant farms were completely burned down, along with their property. The fire burned down several local residents, a large amount of bread and livestock.
    In addition, the soldiers of this unit during the fire robbed the property of the population, raped women, beat and killed the citizens of the village.
    A preliminary investigation carried out at the scene established that as a result of this atrocious massacre of civilians in the village of Bolshoy Zhiten, many families of invalids of the Patriotic War and people in the Red Army were injured.
    So, the invalid of the Patriotic War Karpyuk was burned in his house, in addition, the barn belonging to him, clouns with unmilled bread, cattle and all property were burned. A wife, two small children, an old man and an old woman were left homeless and without a livelihood.
    A local resident, Stepan Dmitrievich Pratsyuk, an invalid of the Patriotic War, was killed, his farm, all bread and property, was burned.
    Also, the economy of a resident of the village of Protsyuk Anna was completely burned, her one son, a disabled person of the Patriotic War, was beaten, and the second demobilized from the Red Army was taken away and his fate is unknown.
    They beat up and took with them the invalid of the Patriotic War – Antonyuk Danil Andreevich.
    Nadezhda Tsvirkalyuk, a migrant from Poland, and her three-month-old child were killed from firearms. Her farm was plundered and completely burned down.
    The wife of the killed front-line soldier Torchinyuk Khristina burned down the house and all property.
    Three servicemen raped the wife of a Red Army soldier – Nikolaychuk Maria Afanasyevna, a mother of three small children, took all her clothes from her, and then burned down the shed and the shrub. The fire killed a cow, a pig and a calf.
    The wife of the Red Army soldier Melnichuk Varvara Danilovna burned down the entire household. Melnichuk and five young children were left homeless and without means of subsistence … ”
    Regional State Administration of the SBU, f.16, op.1, d.562

    • They didn’t just behave like nazis. They were nazis. Just like the filthy savages that are squatting on Ukrainian and Georgian land today.

  2. Let’s not forget SS Crimean-Tatar Battalions burned alive 15,000 Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks and Armenias, the entire population of village Mirnoe.

    In two years of German, Romanian and Turkish occupation of Crimea, over 90,000 civilians were murdered and over 85,000 were trafficked to Germany for forced labor. Only about 2% of those people survived and returned.

    In nearby so called “internment” camp, out of 140,000 people interned, 40,000 were murdered and 100,000 were trafficked to Germany for forced labor. Turks working in the death camp “Red” were “creative” in the ways they murdered people. They drowned mothers with children in cesspools. They mass burned people alive by tying them up with barbwire, pouring gasoline on them and setting them on fire. Just compare, for 7 years in Buchenvald 56,000 people were killed. 8,000 per year. In death camp “Red” in less than 2 years Germans, Romanians and Turks murdered 15,000 people.

    • You must have sourced that from Pravda, since it is virtually all a pack of lies. It is true that up to 300,000 Russians fought for Germany. A negligible amount of them were Tatars. The real atrocities were committed on Tatars by the red army.

      • In retaliation for their betrayal. Who cares what you say anyway. Ukraine will either surrender the Crimea or go to hell. The West and RuSSia both want to destroy Ukraine, to loot her. Once l and many others jumped off – do not complain. Investors want borders, peace, the rule of law. A forever hung up corrupt shithole dreaming pipe dreams will not last. But surely the UK will nuke RuSSia and save Ukraine from misery.

        • If you don’t go with the flow, you are a traitor. That never was my world and never will be. Only a bullet will silence my voice.

          • There never was any Tatar SS battalion. You either made it up or took it from pravda. I don’t wish you a bullet, or any harm whatsoever. You are entitled to express an opinion, however stupid it might be, but don’t try to back it up with Russian lies and propaganda, because it just looks like kremtroll dreck.

  3. Just now waiting for the filth to claim this is all forged russophobic propaganda.

  4. This only underlines the atrocities committed by Stalin, which went on for decades and spans a vast area, reaching from Eastern Germany to the far reaches of Siberia. The current punk runt tinpot dick/tator is an admirer of the monster Stalin. And, not ever to forget are those slobs in Western politics and entertainment business who admire the Stalin admirer.

  5. Joseph Stalin was the greatest mass murderer of all time, easily outdoing Adolf Hitler who murdered around 14 million people, and even passing Mao Zedong whose Chinese Communist version of agrarian collectivism policies caused the deaths of 45 million people in China.Despite these historical facts many people still consider Stalin to be the “lesser evil” when compared to Hitler, and Communism, the ideology which he was promoting and in whose name he murdered all those millions of people, is being openly promoted in western universities, the Mainstream media, and political parties all over the world and in the EU.

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