Crimean water reserves decreased almost threefold over a year

Crimean water reserves decreased almost threefold over a year

05.01.2021 10:17

In the occupied Crimea, the total water reserves by the end of 2020 amounted to 31.3 million cubic meters, which is 61 million cubic meters less than a year ago.

“The total water reserves by the end of the year amounted to 31.308 million cubic meters, which is 5.364 million cubic meters less than a month ago and 61.672 million less than a year ago,” reads the review of the Crimean Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Ukrinform reports.

According to the Department, “December and January are the wettest months of the cold season, but there was a significant shortage of precipitation in the river basins in December, as well as in previous months.”

For example, precipitation fell in the amount of 12-15% of the norm in the basins of Crimean rivers Kuchuk-Karasu, Chorna, Salhir. In the basins of rivers on the southern coast of Crimea, precipitation fell 42-50% of the norm, in the basins of other rivers – 24-40% of the norm.

The amount of precipitation in the Crimean mountains was also insignificant – from 27 to 40% of the norm.

Due to the shallowing of the Crimean water reservoirs, a strict water supply schedule was introduced in Simferopol, Yalta, Simferopol and Bakhchisaray districts. In addition, regime water supply or water deliveries because of drought were organized in 29 populated localities of the occupied peninsula.



  • Without serious rain/snow, and drilling for any water, there is for 6 months water in Crimea. Great!

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  • Kremlin incompetence at its best.

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  • Another fuck up confirmed.

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    • For Putler it’s only one way to solve the situation and that’s water from Dnieper. I’m afraid the war will escalate to include a corridor to Crimea?

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      • He might decide to give the order to expedite a pre-planned operation. That is why Ukraine needs to be prepared for pretty much anything and the (very) few worthwhile allies it has need to be ready to back them to the hilt. World cannot afford yet another victory for nazi shitweasel.

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      • Another reason for the new president of Moldova to get Zelensky in gear and squeeze out the Moskali in Transdnistria which is where I believe Putler’s fantasy of a land corridor would go. At least that would down one side of the equation.

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  • The putinazi regime will have had invasion plans in place for a long time to thieve further land. Plus it will have its lies prepared for global consumption. Evil
    regimes cannot flourish without a blitz of lies and fuhrer putler, as a student of Josef Goebbells will know that only too well. So far he has judged that it would not be prudent to go further, but that could change. At one point, Mariupol was under a severe threat, but Obama did the right thing for once in his life and said that Mariupol was his red line.
    Firstly, the defenders need to get ready to repel scum, which means they need a shitload of javelins. Secondly, the next POTUS needs to reaffirm that red line with regard to both Mariupol and the Dniepr.

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  • These ominous clouds have been visible on the horizon for quite some time. I do hope that the Ukrainian generals and politicians have been seeing them like we have and are prepared for the (very possible) coming storm.
    I strongly suspect that before any offensive gets the go-ahead, mafia land will first initiate a “cry of humanitarianism” to soften the world’s jellyfish even more to the “Crimean people’s plight” and Ukraine’s “anti-humanitarian behavior”.

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