The reasons why Petro fucked up


More than half a decade passed since Ukrainians started the Maidan revolution to get rid of the corrupt pro-RuSSian scum in the government, leaving Ukraine partly occupied, devastated and costing 12k people their lives.

So why didn’t Ukraine ‘explode’ after the chains were broken, and why Petro Poroshenko was not re-elected?

First and foremost Ukrainians were never seeking full membership in the European Union, they wanted to be associated and benefit from their strategic location between RuSSia and Europe.

Secondly, since RuSSia’s brute invasions, Ukrainians desire to be a member of NATO to be safe from further RuSSian aggression.

Finally, Ukrainians wanted a higher standard of living and an end to the rampant corruption and protectionism.

Petro lost big because he did not meet the expectations of the Maidan heroes, period.

Now Ukraine is ruled by a clown who brought back the criminal syndicates and RuSSian mafia. Ukraine is at the crossroads. Either a strong pro-western coalition will take power again and get Ukraine back on track or Ukraine will become a failed state, a failed economy, a failed factor, a failed revolution.

© 2021 Mike Hilbert

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  1. Well said, Mike!
    Certainly, Poroshenko had his faults and mistakes were made. I hope that both Poroshenko and the people too have learned from their mistakes. Poroshenko, in that he must try harder when he gets voted (maybe) back into office. And, the people, in that they must choose much more carefully whom they want for president. As hindsight is always 20-20, choosing a TV comedian to be president was the bigger mistake. Poroshenko had a difficult task trying to end corruption, resisting the oligarchs and pro-Ruskie factions. But, he had shown to be willing to do so. Unfortunately, the country has lost many gains that it had made under Poro. A frightening thought is that the TV clown has another three and a half years to cause even more damage to the country and I am sure that he will.

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