From Petro Poroshenko FB page


During 2021, the entire population of Ukraine should be vaccinated against coronavirus.

In spring, the period when the spread of covid is easier. The natural decline in this infection begins in May. Therefore, by April we are obliged to provide a minimum of 22 million doses of vaccine. Throughout the year until January 1, we have to provaccinate everyone.

Every representative of power should have no days, no nights, no breaks. He should go around the world in all quality vaccine manufacturers – except Russian ones. Since the use of the Russian vaccine will be the other way around.


  • Petro was a far better president than the clown will ever hope to be!

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    • You are right facts. He is their Churchill. Unfortunately they have not realized it yet. Like Churchill was for a while, he is in the wilderness at present. Let’s hope it won’t be for as long as the great man was before the nation finally came to its senses!
      PS: I recently read a story that well-wishers used to send boxes of cigars to help Winnie get through the war. A guy had to be hired to take samples from each batch, put them in a saline solution and inject it into rats to make sure they weren’t poisoned!

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  • The vaccines now being touted as the solution to Covid have not been properly tested and Ukraine would deeply regret using them if the population is forced to take them.


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