Poroshenko on fifth anniversary of FTA with EU: economic integration is path to Ukraine’s EU membership

Poroshenko on fifth anniversary of FTA with EU: economic integration is path to Ukraine's EU membership

The fifth president of Ukraine, the leader of the European Solidarity party, Petro Poroshenko, is confident that the launch of a deep and comprehensive free trade area with the European Union in 2016 launched a new era of trade relations between Ukraine and the EU.

“This event forever changed the Ukrainian foreign economic policy and opened up qualitatively new unlimited opportunities for national exporters and foreign investments,” Poroshenko said on the fifth anniversary of the FTA.

He recalled that five years ago in Ukraine, many skeptics and populists were convinced that nothing would work out, and that the FTA with the EU would fail.

“In response to this historic step of our state, the Russian aggressor strengthened the economic blockade of our traditional markets in the east in order to discredit our course towards economic integration with the EU, to prove that the only correct choice of Ukraine is Russian networks, the Russian stall,” Poroshenko stressed.

The fifth president states that today about 40% of the total volume of Ukraine’s trade belongs to the European direction.

“For the five years, we have increased the volume of trade with the EU by about 60%. Ukraine is confidently included in the top 20 trade partners of the European Union and the five largest exporters of agricultural products to the EU. And we will continue this path of success,” the leader of European Solidarity believes.

“Economic integration is a way to achieve membership criteria and to a practical solution to the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union – a guarantee of our independence, sovereignty, prosperity and security,” Poroshenko summed up.


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  • We’ll see to where the TV clown will lead Ukraine. I fear that if he gets to do more of the crap that he has been the country can say goodbye to EU membership. Truthfully, EU membership might not be as desirable as many think.

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