New Year’s Decoration Of Presidential Office Cost UAH 53,200


Decorating of the Office of the President for the New Year and Christmas cost UAH 53,200.

Andrii Tian, head of the department of administrative buildings of the State Affairs Department, told this to Ukrainian News Agency.

“The cost of the New Year’s decoration of the premises of the Presidential Office (the purchase of New Year’s toys, accessories and electric garlands) in 2020 is UAH 53,218,” he said.

The most expensive was the design of the Christmas tree in the state residence Mariinskyi Palace – UAH 20,223.

There is an artificial tree 5 meters high.

The halls of the Presidential Office itself on Bankova Street are decorated with four two-meter trees, and the office premises – another twelve meter or one and a half meters trees.

Another New Year tree has been installed in the Reception House on Hrushevskoho Street.

“All of these Christmas trees are artificial and have been used as intended for many years,” reads a response to Agency’s request.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Office of the President assures that the residence of St. Nicholas with a skating rink, a carousel and a fair on Bankova Street was installed by philanthropists without attracting budget funds.

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