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1 January, 2021 – – by Red Square Maidan announces their Person of the Year that generated the most news in Ukraine.

It seems like it has been a long time since Sentsov was released from one of Putin’s modern gulags and since the anti-Ukrainian economic project Nord Steam 2 was shut down, but that was just the beginning of the year 2020. Little did we know then that what was coming would change the history of the entire planet.

China harvested what would be known as one of the most deadly viruses known to mankind and then opened its doors and let the virus out into the world and a few weeks later China’s virus spread to every corner of the globe. Ukraine struggled as everyone did last year fighting this unsuspected villain that intruded our lives while we were already fighting desperately against Putin’s fascism and occupations. Starting with practically nothing, Ukraine seems to be slowly getting back to normal.

Daily cases reported in Ukraine 2020

The character of humankind stepped up to fight this unwelcome plague and just a few months later in an unprecedented response, humankind found several vaccines to remedy the worst medical emergency in 100 years. This emergency was even more acute in Ukraine since she is already at war on several fronts against Russian aggression because she wants freedom and independence. You know, those things that are basic human rights that Putin disagrees with.

The person of the year in Ukraine should probably be the military forces that have to been on their toes every second of every day whether it is hot and humid or windy and freezing. But unfortunately their work is often under the radar and secret as it should be but the accolades should be often and apparent.

Ukraine Today celebrate’s it’s first full year of producing news about Ukraine in the English language. And in it’s first full year there was one person that generated more hits than anyone else all year. We will get to that after announcing the Viewer results of 2020 on

As with any website, the number of views tells the story and our tiny but growing website generated a lot of views and informed the English-speaking audience all over the world. For those of you that prefer another language there is the option near the top of the page to customize the website into your favorite language with the translator. Here is the top 8 results of 2020 worldwide:

After launching this project in August of 2019, 2020 saw a jump in Visitors too:

For the wonderful, talented and patriotic Editors and Writers at Ukraine Today .org, here are the top 5 individual results of your hard work and dedication. Note: Mike used 2 accounts during this difficult year, just so you don’t think this Writer can’t count to six 😉

Now Ukraine Today .org has almost 7,500 articles in the archives which can all be accessed in the Search Function of this website. I have received many letters through our Contact email service thanking us for archiving all this news about Ukraine in English and remarked how easy it was to find materials they are looking for. I think this will be a valuable tool for everyone in the future.

Here is the breakdown just for 2020:

Big thanks again to all our Writers to produce more than 2,5 million words in voluntary service to wonderful Ukraine. This is heroic work that deserves notice. Without all of you this website could not continue and thousands of readers would have to go somewhere else for the news. Another exciting aspect of Ukraine Today .org is our Writers usually post the best and most interesting articles about Ukraine and readers are able to find all the best information daily from one place.

So, who is Ukraine Today .org’s Person of the Year that generated the most hits?

This well-connected person generated more than 4,000 views last year in just two articles and is alleged to be involved in prostitution, money laundering, corruption, bribery, heavy drug use and possibly human trafficking. This international sleaze is none other than the son of the President-elect of the USA. Hunter Biden.

After the Revolution of Dignity also known as The Maidan in 2014 the Russians invaded Ukraine in two places and about that same time, Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from Elena Baturina, the wife of an ex-mayor of Moscow. Everything went quickly downhill for Mr. Biden since then. Perhaps a big reason it was such a big hit with this website and across Ukraine could be that Google, Twitter, Facebook and most of the corporate media ignored this huge scandal because they favored the Democrat contender for the White House. It is journalism?

Top two articles of 2020 on Ukraine Today .org:

We are independent at Ukraine Today .org and will continue to produce the news and views of Ukraine as it is, not as we would like it to be. We will let our readers decide for themselves as it should be.

Happy and healthy New Year to everyone at Ukraine Today .org and all our readers. 2021 is bound to be better than 2020 but as we know well in Ukraine, we need to be prepared every day for any kind of news and meet it head on.

Slava Ukraini~~!! Heroyam Slava~~!! Smert Moskalam~~!!


  1. Happy New Year to everyone at and across the world. I have little doubt that 2021 will be better than 2020 as long as we can hold slimes like Hunter Biden and his father accountable for their crimes and especially in Ukraine. We don’t need more corruption especially from the USA, our best ally until recently.

    • Happy New Year Red. We certainly don’t need more corruption in Ukraine, or the Russification since Zelensky took over.

  2. The past year was no good year for freedom of speech. My Facebook and Twitter accounts were suspended. The latter for reposting an article by the New York Post about Hunter Biden. Like Trump or not, like me or not, like political incorrectness or not, silencing critical voices and censorship do belong to communist countries – not the United States.

  3. Happy new year Redders! I will be studying form to see who will emerge as the next contender for the GOP in 2024. There are one or two who could make a real difference next time round. I hope it will be Marco Rubio, but there are one or two other decent ones.

    • Nikki is doing a lot of campaigning the last few months. I think she will be in if Trump doesn’t run again. Since Comrade Biden won’t be around very long that would put her against Commie Harris which should be a slam dunk.

      • She’s a pretty decent candidate. I wouldn’t mind Pompeo either. Unfortunately that slippery putinoid skank Tucker Carlson is also thought to be considering a run. I sincerely hope that he gets marmalized.

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