Occupiers of the Donetsk oblast threaten with problems on New Year’s holidays not only the owners of Ukrainian passports, but also the owners of cars with Ukrainian license plates. This was reported by the so-called employee of the “Ministry of Information” Alexey Akutin in his Telegram channel. “Traditionally, on the New Year’s eve, the capital of our Motherland is gradually flooded with cars with license plates of one unfriendly country. Despite the political situation, guests are always welcome here! Especially, by the traffic police officers. Because they demand from the owners of such license plates either a certificate of crossing the state border, or availability of license plates of the republican standard. Otherwise, please go to the impoundment lot at 75, Pavshykh Kommunarov Avenue. If these adventures were really a surprise last year, then this year, people were warned in advance. All the best to everyone!”, – Akutin wrote.

As OstroV reported, the “DNR” occupiers promised to detain residents walking with a Ukrainian passport on New Year’s holidays and deliver them to the “police station”.

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  1. “Despite the political situation, guests are always welcome here! ”

    Of course they are, as long as they speak with a Moscow accent, and bring their own tanks.

    • 😉 I don’t think the lack of tourism has anything to do with the political situation but it might have something to do with the bombing, kidnapping, rape, theft, lies and murders by the occupying Moskali……

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