“Their activity does not and cannot bear any threat to the state.” Oksana Pushkina condemned the inclusion of the center “Violence.net” in the list of “foreign agents”

Oksana Pushkina, State Duma deputy, deputy chairman of the committee on family, women and children, criticized the authorities’ decision to include the center for assistance to victims of domestic violence “Violence.net” in the list of “foreign agents”. She wrote about this in her telegram channel.

Pushkina called Violence.net one of the best Russian public organizations to help victims of violence and noted that this is not the first time that effective NGOs have been included in the list of “foreign agents” “on the basis of anonymous denunciations .”

A week ago, the Humanitarian Action Foundation was recognized as a foreign agent, which provides medical and social assistance to drug addicted people, and conducts prevention of HIV infection, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis. As a member of the Board of Trustees of the AIDS.Center Foundation, I am in solidarity with my colleagues who will have to defend their good name in court.

Pushkina added that the Center for Violence.net and a number of other NGOs that fight domestic violence in Russia have applied for presidential grants more than once, but they were refused. As a result, they apply for international grant support, risking the status of “foreign agent”.

These are fines, unbearable bureaucratic costs, a public label that irrevocably blocks the possibility of working with local authorities.

Pushkina stressed that in recent years the state has been issuing grants to public associations that advocate traditional values. In addition, according to her, “an extensive network of ultra-conservative funds with foreign support operates unhindered in Russia.”

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