“Putin is not hysterical.” Kremlin on new criminal case against Navalny

Kommersant FM : The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Alexei Navalny. The politician reacted to this with the phrase: “Putin, it seems, is just beating in hysterics.” What can the Kremlin say to this?

Dmitry Peskov : You know, Putin is not hysterical. Putin is preparing for a meeting with the prime minister and is holding international telephone calls, wishing his colleagues a Happy New Year. All other details are probably better to ask in the Investigative Committee. We do not have this information.

Kommersant FM : And what feelings does Vladimir Putin have in principle with this whole situation with Alexei Navalny? Is he worried, maybe?

Dmitry Peskov : This situation does not cause any feelings for Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin’s feelings are evoked by the tasks facing him and the government. A feeling of joy is caused by the questions that were realized in the past year. And mobilization is caused by those issues that are still acute on the agenda.

Kommersant FM : Is Putin generally informed about the activity of various departments around Navalny?

Dmitry Peskov : Of course, the departments report on their work in accordance with the established procedure. But this does not mean, of course, that any case that is initiated, any investigative actions that are initiated against this or that citizen of the Russian Federation, are reported to the president. Of course, this is out of the question. 

Business FM : How does the Kremlin feel about the opinion that the initiation of a new criminal case against Navalny on embezzlement of funds received as donations, and, in addition, the probable transformation of the suspended sentence into a real one in the Yves Rocher case? to prevent Navalny from returning to Russia? 

Dmitry Peskov : I can’t tell you anything. It is better for you to call the Investigative Committee and they will tell you everything. They do their job. 

Business FM : On the whole, it is difficult to call the cases against Navalny not political. What is the Kremlin’s position at the moment?

Dmitry Peskov : Why? Look, this is not a priority issue at all, and we have nothing to comment on here. We would not like to continue any comments on this score.

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  1. “You know, Putin is not hysterical.”
    Assume the opposite of what Pest-Cough says.
    “You know, Putin is hysterical.”

    I can save myself from commenting on the rest of Pest-Cough’s bilge. Always assume the opposite.

    • Those ruSSo-fascists really don’t want to talk about Navalny and especially don’t want to use his name. This seems overtly political for them. It appears Pest-Cough got angry when the question was asked if it was political. And a quite obvious question too.

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