On New Year’s Eve, Putin signed about 100 new laws. We tell about the most important – as short as possible

Almost anyone can become a “foreign agent”

The law allows to assign the status of “foreign agent” to ordinary citizens and organizations without legal entities that are engaged in politics in Russia (in a very broad sense) and receive assistance from other countries. Another law provides for up to five years in prison if the “foreign agent” refuses to submit a notice for inclusion in the relevant register or to give a report on its activities. The law has already entered into force.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter face blocking for “censoring” Russian content

Roskomnadzor has received the right to block, in whole or in part, Internet resources that restrict  socially significant information  in Russia, including in connection with anti-Russian sanctions. The authors of the law said that it was addressed to foreign social networks, but it could also affect Russian companies.WHY DO THE AUTHORITIES NEED ITMPs want to allow YouTube and other sites to be blocked for “censoring” Russian content. And what really will be blocked?

Social networks also face huge fines for information prohibited in Russia

For providers and site owners who refused to delete information banned in Russia , they provided high fines ranging from several hundred thousand to several million rubles. And the penalties for repeated refusal to delete such information will amount to 10 to 20% of the companies’ revenue, due to which YouTube and Facebook could theoretically be fined millions or billions of dollars.


There is also illegal information , its social networks need to search and block – but without the threat of a fine

Social networks, which are visited daily by more than 500 thousand users from Russia, will be included in the special register of Roskomnadzor. The owners of such social networks were ordered to moderate and block prohibited information. At the same time, the law, which comes into force on February 1, 2021, does not provide for any punishment for those who refuse to do so.

Rally Law Tightened

The organizers of the rallies were prohibited from receiving money from abroad. Another law prohibited journalists covering rallies from behaving like an ordinary protester, such as campaigning or distributing leaflets. The law also prohibits organizing rallies near emergency buildings and allows courts to recognize queues for a single picket as rallies.

Criminal liability introduced for blocking streets

The law provides for up to a year in prison for those who blocked the road and obstructed traffic and pedestrians (this happens at rallies). If, because of this, through negligence, a person was inflicted with light harm to health, then the maximum punishment will be two years in prison, if the harm is of medium gravity – three years, if serious – four years, if the person died – five years.

Up to two years for libel on the Internet

The law introduces criminal penalties for disseminating information on the Internet that defame the honor and dignity of another person. This is punishable by a fine of up to a million rubles, up to 240 hours of compulsory labor, up to two years of forced labor, up to two months in arrest or up to two years in prison.


Introduced fines for promoting drugs on the Internet

  • for citizens – from 5 to 30 thousand rubles,
  • for officials – from 50 to 100 thousand rubles,
  • for individual entrepreneurs – from 50 to 100 thousand rubles,
  • for legal entities – from 1 to 1.5 million rubles,
  • for foreigners – from 4 to 30 thousand rubles (and expulsion from Russia).

MORE ABOUT THISPeople who are persuaded to use drugs on the Internet will soon go to jail. And what does it mean – “incline”?10 cards

Information about the property of security officials and their relatives will be kept secret

Any operators of personal data , such as government agencies or mobile operators, were prohibited from disclosing personal information and data about the property of judges, prosecutors, investigators, military personnel, law enforcement and regulatory officials, as well as “close specified persons”.AND THIS IS WHY IT IS DANGEROUSDo you like to read about the palaces of the security forces and the multimillion-dollar fortunes of officials? The Duma wants to hide the data, thanks to which journalists find them. And what, there will be no more such articles?

Sobering-ups come back after 10 years

From January 1, 2021, Russian regions will be able to create paid medical sobering-up centers (they were liquidated in 2011).


The minimum wage and living wage will be calculated in a new way

It was decided to calculate the minimum wage and living wage , taking into account not the consumer basket, but the  median income . From January 1, 2021, the size of the subsistence minimum is 11,653 rubles (now 11,468 rubles), the minimum wage is 12,792 rubles (now 12,130 rubles).

The age limit for youth has risen to 35

Before this law , people in the age of 14-30 were usually referred to as young people in Russia.

Officials face fines for insulting citizens

The amount of fines  is 50-100 thousand rubles for the first offense, up to 150 thousand for a second one.

Update. After the release of this material, we realized that we had not mentioned another important law.

Regions were allowed to demolish panels

The Law on All-Russian Renovation, also known as the Law on the Integrated Development of Territories, provides for the resettlement and demolition of dilapidated and dilapidated houses. The regions received the right to demolish not only emergency and demolished housing, but also non-emergency panel houses, and houses requiring major repairs, which are too expensive for the authorities.

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  1. In short North Korea 3.0. By the way the minimum wage in the Russia will be 172 dollars next year….in Ukraine 215………………….Ukraine has more gas and oilfields I guess.

  2. New laws in Russia, to make it simpler, here is what you are allowed to do.

    Breathe! We are working on this too.

  3. “Almost anyone can become a “’foreign agent”’
    Makes it easier to imprison innocent foreigners.

    “YouTube, Facebook and Twitter face blocking for “censoring” Russian content”
    Cheap retaliation for mafia land’s propaganda and lying campaigns.

    “Social networks also face huge fines for information prohibited in Russia”
    Prohibited info is anything true and anything that outs the country and its government as a crime syndicate.

    “Rally Law Tightened”
    This is always an important law in dick-tatorships.

    “Criminal liability introduced for blocking streets”
    Slow-moving babushkas and invalids, take heed!

    “criminal penalties for disseminating information on the Internet that defame the honor and dignity of another person.”
    This means specifically, of course, the sewer rat and his cohort of fellow rodents, although none have any dignity or honor.

    “Information about the property of security officials and their relatives will be kept secret”
    Another important law: No one should know who stole what in mafia land.

    “The minimum wage and living wage will be calculated in a new way”
    As the country sinks more into poverty, the people must keep pace with it.

    “The age limit for youth has risen to 35”
    Surely, a typo. Thirty-five is closer to the life expectancy.

    “Officials face fines for insulting citizens”
    Certainly, there is a loophole somewhere in this law.

    “Regions were allowed to demolish panels”
    This allows clearing the way for oligarchs to get construction property cheaply or even for free.

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