Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Alexei Navalny for large-scale fraud

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case of large-scale fraud against politician Alexei Navalny. This was reported on the agency’s website.

According to the UK, Navalny spent part of the 588 million rubles for personal purposes, which were collected as donations for FBK and other non-profit organizations.

According to the investigation, Navalny, being the actual head of these organizations, acting in conjunction with other persons, spent more than 356 million rubles of this amount for personal purposes – the acquisition of personal property, material values ​​and payment of expenses (including holidays abroad). Thus, the funds collected from citizens were stolen.

Navalny himself, commenting SK instituting proceedings, wrote on Twitter: “[Russian President Vladimir] Putin, it seems, just beats in hysterics.”

Navalny has been in Germany since August.

On the eve of the FSIN, the FSIN demanded that Navalny urgently appear at the department’s office in Moscow, stating that he did not fulfill the duties of a conditionally convicted person (the politician was on probation in the Yves Rocher case until December 30  ) and was evading inspection control. The department threatened that if Navalny does not do this, it will petition the court to replace the suspended sentence with a real one.

(c)MEDUZA 2020

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