Russian President Vladimir Putin obtains information about events in Ukraine from Medvedchuk – Peskov

Russian President Vladimir Putin obtains information about the events in Ukraine from leader of OPFL Viktor Medvedchuk. Speaker of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov told this in an interview to the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin”.

According to him, the President of the Russian Federation regularly contacts with representatives of various Ukrainian parties and is well aware of what is happening in Ukraine.

In particular, Peskov said, people’s deputy from Opposition Platform – For Life Viktor Medvedchuk regularly visits Putin, with whom the head of the Kremlin communicates. The Russian president obtains information about what is happening in Ukraine from him.

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  1. Internet is banned The Russia. So it’s better to get it from an objective and non-coloured source like Medvedchuk.

  2. Medvechuk is to Ukraine what Benedict Arnold was to the US. A large dose of Novichok for this shit nugget would be just the right medicine.

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