Brian Whitmore is back!

Ukraine and Georgia’s best friend in America has resumed his blogs. He is one of America’s most knowledgeable Russia pundits and his voice needs to be heard.

The Power Vertical. Kremlin coverage for Kremlin watchers.

Click the following link for Brian’s full podcast, or download from Apple. :-

The Great Hack

It appears to have been the hack of the century.

It targeted the U.S. Commerce Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, the Treasury Department, the Energy Department, the U.S. Postal Service, and the National Institutes of Health.

The intruders spent months exploring U.S. government networks and stealing sensitive data.

And the whole thing appears to have been a sophisticated espionage operation mastermind by the SVR, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service.

So what does it mean? And what happens now?

John Sipher, 28-year CIA veteran, and David Venable, a former intelligence officer for the U.S. National Security Agency and current vice president of cyber security at Masergy, join the conversation this week to discuss Russia’s recent cyber-attack on the U.S. government.

The Power Vertical Podcast is produced by the University of Texas at Arlington’s Charles T. McDowell Center for Global Studies and the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center.

About Brian Whitmore

Brian Whitmore is a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council Eurasia Center in Washington D.C. and Russia and Eurasia Specialist and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Charles T. McDowell Center for Global Studies at The University of Texas at Arlington.


  • Good news! Brian is a true friend of Ukraine and Ukraine can use all the friends it can get, especially one like him.

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  • Since resuming his blog, Brian has produced several top flight podcasts with brilliant guests, including Oleksiy Honcharuk, the young reformer who made it to PM at only 35. He is hated by the putinazis, which automatically makes him a top man. He was kicked out when he made disparaging comments about Zel. It is only a matter of time before he comes back.
    Brian’s podcasts are the best way for anyone interested in Ukraine to accumulate a vast library of factual information.

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