George Blake dead: Notorious British spy dies in Moscow at the age of 98

George Blake, born George Behar, escaped Wormwood Scrubs prison in 1966 and fled to the Soviet Union where he lived until his death today

ByWill StewartTom DavidsonAssistant news editor

  • 09:50, 26 DEC 2020
  • UPDATED10:38, 26 DEC 2020

George Blake, pictured with his wife Ida in Moscow

Notorious British traitor George Blake has died, the Russian foreign intelligence announced today.

The 98-year-old spy had been living in Moscow since he escaped from Wormwood Scrubs in 1966.

Blake was sentenced to a record 42-year jail sentence in London in 1961 for spilling MI6 secrets to the Soviet Union, sending dozens of Western agents to their deaths.

“The bitter news has come – the legendary George Blake is gone,” said Sergey Ivanov, spokesman for the SVR foreign intelligence agency, formerly the KGB.

“He died of old age, his heart stopped.”

Blake, born in Rotterdam, was a British spy who worked as a double agent for the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

George Blake was a double agent and secretly worked for the KGB (Image: Getty Images)

He became a Communist and decided to work for the KGB while a prisoner during the Korean War.

Blake’s betrayal was discovered in 1961 and he was arrested when he arrived in London after being summoned from Lebanon.  

He gave his MI6 interrogators a full confession and was sentenced to 42 years imprisonment.

Five years into his sentence, in 1966, Blake escaped with the help of three men he had met behind bars.

He was smuggled across the English Channel in a camper van which was then driven across northern Europe and into east Germany, where he met his handlers and completed his escape to the Soviet Union.

A mugshot of Blake issued by Scotland Yard after his escape from Wormwood Scrubs prison in October 1966 (Image: Getty)

Tony Blair as Prime Minister refused an attempt to permit Blake to visit the UK to meet his grandchildren.

Blake was told that should he travel to Britain or another Western country he would face immediate arrest.

In 2012, he celebrated his 90th birthday, still living in Moscow on a KGB pension. His eyesight was failing and he claimed to be “virtually blind”.

At his death he was the oldest KGB veteran.

Visually impaired, he continued to “spy” on Britain by tuning into BBC radio, said friends.

The British traitor had been holed up at his dacha – country house – near Moscow which was a gift of the KGB amid efforts to keep him safe from coronavirus.

Despite being a fugitive from justice in Britain since 1966, he kept in contact with the three sons he deserted when he fled to Moscow.

Dutch-born Blake was awarded with the Order of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner (Image: E2W)

“I think that the word ‘traitor’ can be applied in describing me – but there are reasons which can justify what I’ve done,” he once said.

He naively believed the KGB when they told him they never shot anyone. “I believed they kept their word.”

Blake was cared for by his Russian wife Ida, mother of his son Mikhail, a trained physicist.

“Nobody blackmailed me, nobody tortured me, I offered my services fully voluntarily,” he admitted in one of his final interviews when asked about his recruitment by the KGB during the Korean War.

“I feel myself neither a hero nor a betrayer.”

In Soviet times, Dutch-born Blake was awarded with the Order of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner.

Blake broke out of Wormwood Scrubs prison in 1966, shortly after England won the World Cup (Image: east2west news)

Rossiyskaya Gazeta said his latest honour from Moscow was as “patriarch of Russian foreign intelligence.”

In Russian he was known as Colonel Georgiy Ivanovich Bleyk.

To the end Blake insisted he had “no regrets” and showed no remorse.

He was eulogised in an official portrait.

(c)THE MIRROR 2020


  • I thought that cocksucker had died years ago. Btw he wasn’t British. Dutch; family name is listed as Behar in wiki, although it was in pre-internet times known as Kuyper.

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    • He should have died years ago, at the end of a rope. The death penalty for treason and espionage was only abolished in 1998.

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      • Ivan the terrible used to put his victim in a vat of freezing water, bring it almost to the boil and then empty, refill with freezing water and repeat the process for as long as possible. That would have been highly appropriate for Blake. Plus one or two others I could mention.

        Liked by 4 people

        • One wonders how many more spies are circulating in government departments, especially those educated at Cambridge? Interesting to read the reason these spies worked for the SU, that they wanted to fight fascism. Would these same spies still work for Russia, now it is a fascist country?

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          • In terms of Britain, academia was thoroughly infiltrated back in the 1930’s with Blunt, Philby, Burgess, MacLaine et al. In the 1950’s, via the Stalinist pig Eric Hogsbawn it consolidated itself further. It’s definitely still going on. (The US analogue is Noam Cholmsky). More recently you have some real steaming crud like that bastard former ambassador to Uzbekistan; Craig Murray; a hard leftist who now licks putler’s tiny jackboots. The commies have no problem with putler and neither do the alt-right.
            Remember that MI5 ‘whistleblower’ David Shayler? It turns out he is a full time putler shill, along with his equally hard left ex-MI5 girlfriend, whose name I forget. You would think MI5 would have learned their lesson by now, but no, they still keep hiring Guardian reading snots.

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            • The woman is Annie Machon, also a supporter of Snowden, surprise, surprise.

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              • Ha! Ha! I was just reading Shaylor’s wiki page. It really makes you wonder what sort of retarded imbeciles work in the recruitment section of MI5. Turns out that the scrofulous turd is a tranny, an Ickette and an ‘anti-Zionist’ too! :-
                “Shayler speaks positively about David Icke, an individual who has claimed to be the son of God: “David has done some enormously important work. I see him as the John the Baptist to my Christ. I have spoken to him on the phone and suggested we meet.” Shayler has also claimed divinity himself. Shayler has said he is committed to destroying what he calls the “Zionist empire”.

                In an article in the London Evening Standard in 2009, Shayler further discussed the Messiah claim and revealed that he was living as a woman in a squat in Abinger Hammer, Surrey. His former girlfriend, Annie Machon, claims Shayler’s long battle with the intelligence services led him to suffer a breakdown. Shayler has since told newspapers that his transvestite ‘alter ego’ is called Delores Kane.”

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            • Forgot to mention it, but this bitch also contributes regularly to RT, so no doubting where her loyalties lie.

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          • I think the modern definition of fascism has been distorted over time. According to the Moskali and Putlerites it was Russia and Russia alone that defeated nazi Germany. So, if you oppose Russia you are thereby a fascist nazi. The milder form would be Russophobic.

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            • The definition of fascism is nailed on for Putin and the mafia gang.

              “Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy”

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            • Hitler was a socialist and also a nationalist; hence national socialist or ‘nazi’. Not coincidentally, putler is also a national socialist in all but name. He also constantly lies, steals, commits mass murder and scapegoats others for his own abysmal failings.

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  • “To the end Blake insisted he had “no regrets” and showed no remorse.”
    May he burn in hell for his evil and shitty life.

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