“We don’t read medical publications.” Peskov – about an article in The Lancet about the poisoning of Navalny

The Kremlin did not read the article in The Lancet, in which the doctors of the Berlin clinic “Charite” told how the politician Alexei Navalny was treated for poisoning by “Novichok”.

“We do not read medical publications,” Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President, told reporters.

According to Peskov, despite the article in the magazine, information about Navalny’s poisoning is not publicly available. “We still didn’t get it,” said the president’s press secretary.

Peskov rejected the offer of journalists to order the analysis of the article to Russian doctors, saying: “We see no sense in this.”

The article “Poisoning with the Novichok nerve agent,” written by doctors at the Charite clinic where Navalny was treated, was published in The Lancet on December 22.

Russian authorities deny both involvement in the poisoning of Navalny and the fact that he was poisoned with a substance from the Novichok group.

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  • Peskov: Show the proof about the poisoning of Navalny.
    Journalists: Here is the proof in The Lancet.
    Peskov: We are not interested in the truth.

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    • They want the proof but don’t want to read it….Moskali logic….
      The real reason is because doctor Putin already said it wasn’t Novichok so that means it wasn’t Novichok. Case closed.

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      • I doubt he really cares that the West know he’s tried to murder Navalny, it’s just pretend indignation. He knows the jellyfish will do nothing, he will push and push, knowing the only resistant is jelly.

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        • Agreed. Most of the time he is just talking to his sheep anyway. Its the same, sad message that nobody can oppose him and he’s the self-appointed mouse czar. I wonder when he will take the Western vaccine and how he will cover it up? I’d guess he will take a placebo and claim it is the Sputnik V? Or will he just take it and say he doesn’t need one because he is God?

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  • “’We do not read medical publications,’ Dmitry Pest-cough, press secretary and ass-giver of the Russian President, told reporters.”
    No, “Mein Kampf” and “Das kommunistische Manifest” are what they enjoy reading.

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    • Peskov: Moreover when you insult the FSB, you insult our Russia. Its 3 years or longer in jail. Navalny knows what is coming.
      The most honorable men of Russia work in the FSB: Putin.
      Hitler said this about the SS as well.

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  • “We do not read medical publications,” Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President, told reporters.

    Let’s go back a few months to another article from the Lancet, where they reported that the Muscovy vaccine showed “no serious adverse events.”

    The Lancet publication “is a powerful response to the skeptics who unreasonably criticized the Russian vaccine.”

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