One million dollars stolen from Russian Foreign Ministry’s building

More than a million dollars were stolen from the main building of the Russian Foreign Ministry. An employee of the Ministry and her partner are suspected of the crime, REN TV reports.

The theft took place in December 2019. The Russian Foreign Ministry received one and a half million dollars for consular services from Iran, which were sent by the diplomatic mail.

In Moscow, a box with the money was accepted by Natalia Agaltsova, an expert of the Foreign Exchange and Finance Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. On the day the money was due to arrive, the woman informed the head of her department that she had fallen ill. After Agaltsova’s office was opened, the staff found that the money was missing.

The next day, the police detained Agaltsova and her partner. According to the woman, when she received the parcel, she did not check its contents, and when she was about to take the money to the bank, she found that not the entire amount was in the box. Only the top row had 100-dollar bills. All the others were one-dollar bills.

Terrified of being imprisoned, Agaltsova at first allegedly wanted to cover the shortfall through a loan and her own savings of 200,000 dollars, and when she realized that it would not work, decided to commit suicide, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

Her partner said during the interrogation that the woman came home with a wad of money (allegedly her savings) and stated that she had problems at work. The 149,000 dollars that she told him to hide, investigators found in a safe at the apartment of the couple’s neighbor. Soon the man turned from an accomplice to the witness and was released.

The woman is also now free. It is still unknown where the money belonging to the Foreign Ministry is.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that a large sum of money was stolen from its building. The criminal case under Article 160 .

(C)UAWIRE 2020


  • Hahaha, mafia wars in Moskovia, I love it. Imagine Iran paying CASH for “diplomatic services”. Why not pay in Rubles? ;))

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  • англійський масон


    Illegally obtained cash was sent from Iran.

    If the cash was obtained legitimately, as Red says, it wouldn’t be in Dollars as so far as I am aware the septics wouldn’t allow Iran to get any legally, also why not just do a Bank Transfer. It stinks.

    ‘Diplomatic Services’. I can’t stop laughing.

    The money was probably forged anyway.

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  • “More than a million dollars were stolen from the main building of the Russian Foreign Ministry. An employee of the Ministry and her partner are suspected of the crime…”
    Shoot, those two failed to take note that only Pew-tin can commit such a crime with impunity. Not saying that a million bucks would make him raise an eyebrow … or, whatever sewer rats have as eyebrows.

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  • This the Siberian deputy Minister for Wildlife Protection.The question is am I joking or not……………….


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