Anti-Ukrainian network plotted coup d’etat in Ukraine

Law enforcement officers emphasize that it was an extensive network that was coordinated from abroad

An anti-Ukrainian network controlled from abroad operated on the territory of Ukraine. The perpetrators were preparing for a coup d’etat and the creation of illegal government bodies. This was reported by the press service of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU).

“The SBU has blocked the activities of a branchy anti-Ukrainian network,” the statement says.

Within the framework of open criminal proceedings, representatives of the so-called “people’s rule” committed such actions. Their activities were coordinated from abroad.

During the authorized searches, magnetic storage media, flash drives, office equipment, mobile devices and printed materials were seized. They contained calls for the violent overthrow of the constitutional order.

Weapons were confiscated from individual defendants.

Urgent investigative and operational actions continue.

(c) Unian


  • “Law enforcement officers emphasize that it was an extensive network that was coordinated from abroad”

    Don’t need two guesses to which country from abroad the article is refering too. This anti Ukrainian network is still active, and it is coming from inside Ukraine, and it’s time it was stopped.

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  • англійський масон

    It had to be either the Americans or the EU. Oh no, hang on they orchestrated Euromaidan.

    No it was still them, they aren’t happy that things are going too slowly.

    I think I’ve just written next week’s moskali denial.

    There’s only one side of the Political spectrum that uses any title with the word ‘People’s’ in it. No prizes for guessing.

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  • Good job, SBU! Find the trash and dispose of it.

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