Russia’s investigator accuses Vitaly Markiv of allegedly killing Rockelli and Mironov

Russian investigators have declared the Ukrainian military internationally wanted.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has charged Vitaliy Markiv, a soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine, with the alleged murder of Italian reporter Andrea Rockelli and translator Andriy Mironov . The Investigator of Russia reported about it on December 23.

Article 105 of the RF Criminal Code, which Mr. Markiv is being tried to incriminate, provides for life imprisonment. Russian investigators have already declared the Ukrainian military internationally wanted.

The Russian investigation repeats the thesis that was already heard during the trial of Vitaly Markov in Italy – about the “shelling” with a Kalashnikov. Previously deputy head of the National Police – Head Investigation Department Maxim Tsutskiridze told that the position of Mr Markiv place of death of the journalist never looked through (a distance of 1.7 km); and the Ukrainian soldiers then had exclusively small arms.

According to DM, on December 11, 2020, the Basmanny court of Moscow  arrested Vitaly Markiv  in absentia in the case of the murder in the Donbass of Italian photojournalist Andrea Rockelli and his translator Andriy Mironov, for which he was  acquitted on November 3 by the Milan Court of Appeal . The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov stated that by this decision Russia recognized its role in the attempt to falsify the case of Mr. Markiv. The Ministry of Internal Affairs considers the Russian sanction on the arrest of Mr. Markiv in absentia to be a continuation of the propaganda campaign against Ukraine and its defenders. 

We will remind, on May 24, 2014 near Slovyansk in Donetsk region as a result of mortar shelling the Italian photo correspondent Andrea Rockelli and his Russian translator Andrey Mironov were lost, the French photojournalist William Roglon was wounded.

In 2017, Italian police  detained  Vitaliy Markiv, a national guard with Ukrainian and Italian citizenship, on suspicion of involvement in the murder of an Italian photojournalist.

The trial lasted from July 6, 2018. On July 12, 2019, an Italian court  found Markiv guilty  of involvement in the murder of Andrea Rockelli in Donbass in 2014 and sentenced him to 24 years in prison.

On November 20, 2019, Ukraine  filed an appeal against the decision of the court of Pavia (Italy). 

In February 2020, hromadske journalist Olga Tokaryuk and Italian journalists Cristiano Tinazzi, Ruben Lagattolla and Danilo Elia made a  documentary about Markiv’s case of  The Wrong Place. They found new witnesses for the defense and conducted new experiments, the  results of which were attached to the appeal .

On November 3, 2020, the Court of Appeal in Italy  acquitted Vitaly Markiv in the case of the death of a photographer in Donbass . He  was released from the Opera Strict Prison near Milan late in the evening of November 3  and returned to Ukraine the next day.

Volodymyr Zelensky  awarded Markiv the National Guard  with the Order of Courage of the Third Degree.



  • So the mafia state are charging the Ukrainian, using evidence that has been debunked in an Italian court? I hope Ukraine look after this guy better than some of the people who Muscovy murdered in Ukraine. We all know the shortassed vermin in the Kremlin will be already working out a way to assassinate Markiv.

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  • Vitaliy Markiv was lucky not to have passed gas on the frontline. He would be charged with using a weapon of mass destruction (Ruskies enjoy doing that in close quarters like airplanes and such).
    I cannot take this measure seriously. Mafia land is an illegitimate country.

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