Russian Defense Minister proposes building military medical center in annexed Crimea

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has proposed building a multidisciplinary medical center in annexed Sevastopol, reported on his Facebook page the head of the Ukrainian project “Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies” Andrii Klymenko.

Addressing the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Defense Minister said that about 150,000 military and their families live in Sevastopol.

“There is currently no decent medical institution,” he said.

According to Klymenko, statements of  Russian Defense Minister are another proof that Russia is relocating its military to annexed Crimea.

“Before the occupation there were 2.3 million people on the peninsula (including Sevastopol). During the seven years of occupation there are only two million of native inhabitants left, if not less. At least one million new people have come from Russia. That is, we have 2 million (Ukrainian Crimeans) and 1 million “visitors” and 3 million permanent residents,” Klimenko wrote.

Klimenko stressed that these numbers should be considered “when it comes to drinking water from the Dnieper reiver and moods in occupied Crimea”, as the population has grown by one third.

“They drank all the water. They still live in new high-rises and the water consumption is 2-3 times higher in them,” he concluded.

Due to the shortage of fresh water, the Crimean authorities have introduced a water supply schedule for residents of Yalta. Water is available only six hours a day.

The Crimean authorities consider taking the water from Lake Magobi to supply the Great Yalta, as the water level in the reservoir has dropped to a critical level.

(c) UAWire


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