Ukraine not included in list of priority countries for receiving vaccines against COVID-19, but guided by principle of its safety – President’s Office

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine had lost its position in the world and Europe in terms of the priority of countries for receiving the vaccine against COVID-19, but despite this, the state “primarily bases its decision on choosing a safe vaccine,” the press service of the President’s Office said.

“I’ll try to explain to you everything that’s going on with the vaccine right now. I faced the fact that Ukraine’s position in the world and in Europe in terms of the priority of countries has been lost. We are not on the list of countries that receive the vaccine first. That is why here we must be, so to speak, acrobats in politics, in order to somehow manage to get into the priority of countries, we must be very flexible, diplomatic,” Zelensky said in an interview with the New York Times.

According to him, “that it is the United States and the United Kingdom that could have a very strong influence today on including Ukraine in the list of top-priority European countries that receive the vaccine first.”

In addition, the president stressed that the issue of purchasing the U.S. vaccine Pfizer could be another geopolitical blow. “This issue could be another geopolitical blow, it will be another strong information war on the part of Russia, and everything depends on the United States,” Zelesnky believes.

“Ukraine will save its people, Ukraine will fight for our partners to give us a vaccine that has been confirmed – Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca. This is what has been confirmed. We understand that some of these companies have plants all over Europe and even in the Russian Federation, as far as I know, so the issue here is primarily about the quality of a vaccine,” Zelensky said.

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  1. Why should the US or the EU prioritize Ukraine, when you don’t even do that yourself? Your priority is serving the oligarchs, not the people who elected you.

  2. Since the outbreak of two mutations in Denmark and Anglia the vaccines might be useless anyway. Better wear masks, wash your hands and stay away from crowded areas.

          • I was looking for a poll and found one from may that said 53% was still satisfied with him. They must be blind! But more than 70 millions voted for T* too, people who can’t tie their shoelaces 😉

            • I don’t think Zelensky will receive many votes. He was also punished during the regional elections. Some pro-Russians won in the major cities, except on the far-West.

            • Look how many fools voted for Biden. The man is mentally incompetent and string two sentences together. Trump at least worked to keep his promises. The only thing Biden will “do” is satisfy his own lust for money and power. At least Trump voters can tie their own shoelaces.

                • Latest Trump tweet: 😂


                  • He’s insane! Why didn’t he go to the court with all this voter fraud?… Oh wait, he did more than 60 times but his lawyers told the court that the cases wasn’t about voter fraud! He has lost the election more times than any other president 🙂

                    But he’s a winner, it’s the only President that has lost the popular votes two times, being impeached and being a one term president 😉

                    Read this tweet:

                    • If he really believed this fraud existed. He would have got real lawyers on the case, and not the rabble consisting of Giuliani and the mad as a box of frogs woman, with a mans name. 😂

                    • It’s fun to see how Fox and Newsmax(?) now walk back their earlier comments about the software company. They even said that it was no proof that Hugo Chávez was involved in the election 😀 That lady is really crazy!

                  • Trump wants section 230 abolished? Once he becomes a private citizen, he wouldn’t last 5 minutes on Twitter. 😁

          • Ukrainians see Zelensky both as “politician,” “loser” of 2020 – poll

            Zelensky was named politician of the year by 15% of Ukrainians, while last year it was 46%.

    • Medvedchuk will make a deal these days for some profit……….and vaccination will start in worries.

  3. What alternative did they have? Only during in the Yatsenyuk era, there was serious reform. Later on, it was like it is under Zelensky.

    I think I would have voted Holos, but this too is a very inexperienced party based on a celebrity. Or Porochenko once again, as he wouldn’t drown the country in the sewer, but he wouldn’t pull it out as well.

    I do think Zelensky is generally not a bad guy, but he trusts the wrong people, which is to be expected as he is inexperienced and he doesn’t know enough people. He fired good guys like Honcharuk and Riabochapka and replaces them with either rats or just unambitious people.

    I don’t think Zelensky was something you could blame the Ukrainians for: the Groysman government already started destroying the reforms, so why would they vote Porochenko again?

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