Navalny published the video “I called my killer. He admitted”. This is a recording of a conversation with an FSB officer, in which Navalny introduced himself as Patrushev’s assistant

Politician Alexei Navalny released a video “I called my killer. He confessed everything. ” In it, Navalny claims that before the publication of the investigation , which said that a group of FSB officers was behind his poisoning, he spoke on the phone with one of them – Konstantin Kudryavtsev – and he actually confirmed that Navalny had intended to kill. Navalny

According to Navalny, the call was made on the morning of December 14 – a few hours before the publication of the investigation. According to him, with the help of “the simplest program used by telephone prankers,” he hid his number and substituted a special switchboard number for it, from which FSB officers made calls to each other. “The calculation is simple. The bell rings at seven in the morning. You see a familiar service number, pick up the phone and start talking. Almost everyone I called answered, almost everyone hung up quickly. And then great luck awaited us, ”Navalny said: the politician, according to him, managed to talk with Konstantin Kudryavtsev for about 45 minutes.

In a conversation, the full transcript and  audio recording of which was published by The Insider, Navalny introduced himself as Assistant Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev – according to legend, he wanted to clarify some details of the operation in order to prepare a report to his superiors.

Update. The CNN TV channel, which took part in the investigation into the involvement of FSB officers in the poisoning of Navalny, 

reported that at first Navalny introduced himself in telephone conversations by his real name, and only in a conversation with Kudryavtsev did he pass himself off as Patrushev’s assistant.

Navalny asked, in particular, why the operation did not end with his death. The voice, which, according to Navalny, belongs to Kudryavtsev, said that he considered the operation well planned, and attributed its failure to a coincidence – he suggested that this was due to the plane landing too quickly in Omsk and the prompt actions of the ambulance team at the airport …

The interlocutor of Navalny also told how he cleaned the confiscated clothes of the politician from the traces of Novichok. According to him, special attention was paid to the seams on the inside of the panties during cleaning. “They told me to work on my underpants, on the inside,” reads the transcript of the conversation. In response to a clarifying question, Kudryavtsev said that such an order was given by the FSB officer Stanislav Makshakov, the alleged leader of the group that conducted the operation.

Kudryavtsev also gave the name of another FSB officer who took part in the operation – Vasily Kalashnikov. According to The Insider, Kalashnikov is an expert in the detection of metabolites of nerve agents in biological samples. Billing data showed that after Navalny fell into a coma, Stanislav Makshakov called Kalashnikov.

Navalny published another conversation in which his interlocutor is a certain “Mikhail” – according to Kudryavtsev, he gave him clothes for cleaning (The Insider writes that this is Mikhail Evdokimov, head of the FSB’s regional counter-terrorism department). He refused to discuss in detail with Navalny the operation via an unencrypted telephone line, but confirmed that he had given the politician’s clothes to Kudryavtsev.

Comment of one of the developers of “Novice”

One of the Soviet developers of Novichk, Vladimir Uglev, suggested back in September that Navalny was poisoned through his underwear. He mentioned this in a  conversation with Meduza, and later, in the comments for the Project’s article , he said more precisely. “In terms of time and dynamics [most likely], Navalny got up at about six in the morning, took a shower, steamed his body, put on infected underpants, and serious signs of poisoning began on the plane,” he told The Project.

After the publication of Navalny’s new video, Vladimir Uglev explained to Meduza the logic of this assumption: “I concluded that the poisonous substance was applied precisely to the panties, because this is the most intimate object that no one else but the owner can touch. And there is no risk of injury to strangers. There are, of course, also socks, but under the panties there is delicate and sensitive skin – not like, for example, on the heels.

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  1. If anyone hasn’t watched the video, I would highly recommend it. Now despite anything the Kremlinals say, Navalny has completely exposed the FSB for their attempted murder.

  2. “I called my killer. He confessed everything.”
    Can someone be so utterly stupid to admit a murder attempt on the phone with someone unknown?
    Mafia land …

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