Ukraine not to give up path toward NATO in exchange for peace with Russia

Neither Minsk agreements nor the Normandy Four accords contain any reservations on Ukraine’s NATO membership

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky says the country is ready to amend the Constitution toward further decentralization, in accordance with the Minsk Agreements on Donbas settlement.

When asked by a New York Times journalist, whether Ukraine is ready to fulfill Russia’s demands to amend the Constitution, to drop NATO prospects as a price for peace, Zelensky replied that neither the Minsk Agreements nor Normandy Four accords contain any reservations on NATO membership, the Presidential Office reports.

“On changing the Constitution in the direction of which we sometimes hear from Russia in the media space – here they know my position, I told Putin directly that I don’t agree here. I understand that we want separate powers, the right to choose, so that no one then speculates on language issues, so that the Donbas residents speak as they want – please, to all these issues, I believe, we should be as liberal as possible,” the president said, according to his press service’s report delivered in Ukrainian.

He stressed that Ukraine is ready to pass amendments to the Constitution related to decentralization.

“We want people on the ground to have more authority, more choice, so that they manage money, rather than just receive tasks from the central government that keep coming down. We’ve been doing this anyway. If we want more preferences in this direction of Donbas, these are the compromises that we could go for – these are normal compromises. The war won’t end without compromises, I understand that. But there must be logic everywhere. In all actions, in all compromises, there must be logic. Logic and result,” Zelensky said.

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  • англійський масон

    Russia: Tell you what Ukraine, if you don’t join NATO, you can have peace.

    Ukraine: I thought you said there were none of your troops fighting in Ukraine!

    Russia: Yes, we did say that, because there aren’t any.

    Ukraine: If there aren’t any of your troops fighting here and you aren’t controlling what is happening, how can you promise peace?

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    • “The war won’t end without compromises”

      That may be true but so far the compromise highway has only gone one direction. Time has now passed Zelensky’s deadline for Putler and if he doesn’t respond past words things can go downhill very quickly.

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  • The headline sucks, because Zenny did not say that. He only said that Nato membership is not mentioned in the Minsk TP. A very wishy washy response. He is winding himself…

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  • He has a very large laptop!

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