OSCE records over 230 ceasefire violations in Donbas over 24 hours

17:26, 20 December 2020 – 112UA

232 ceasefire violations occurred in Donetsk region.

The OSCE special monitoring mission recorded 234 violations of the ceasefire regime in Donbas over the past 24 hours. This is stated in the daily report of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine.

“In the Donetsk region, the SMM recorded 232 ceasefire violations. In the Luhansk region, the SMM recorded 2 ceasefire violations,” the statement said.

In particular, there were 68 explosions of undetermined origin, of which 162 occurred in areas northwest of Shyrokyne village (government-controlled, 100 km south of Donetsk).

In Luhansk region, the SMM observed two ceasefire violations (explosions of undetermined origin) in areas west of Zymogirya (non-government-controlled, 27 km west of Luhansk).

Earlier president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced the intention to continue increasing support for certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, RBC-Ukraine reported.

During the final press conference, the Russian president said that the settlement of the military conflict in Donbas is inevitable, but it is unclear when exactly it will happen.

Putin added that after the Normandy summit in Paris last year, a ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners were achieved. However, so far nothing has been resolved in the social and economic spheres, as well as in the framework of the political settlement.

“In my opinion, the settlement is inevitable. The only question is when. It largely depends on the current Ukrainian government. Well, we, Russia, have always supported Donbas and will continue to support it. We will even increase our support for Donbas. It concerns production support, producing solutions in social and infrastructural spheres. We will move in this direction,” Putin said.


  1. 232 violations in occupied Donetsk and only 2 in Luhansk. It seems to me Putin made the decision to end the ceasefire and he’s showing his “support” for “production” in the Donbas. Since Moskali can only destroy, this must be little Putler’s definition of “support” by increasing the attacks in Ukraine.

  2. “Putin added that after the Normandy summit in Paris last year, a ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners were achieved.”
    The ceasefire was broken straightforth by the Russian thugs and a number of the “prisoners” that they exchanged were kidnapped civilians from various areas of mafia land.
    In short, any and all agreements made with this crime syndicate country is as worthless as used toilet paper.

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