The court in Orenburg recognized the announcement of the sale of cabbage from Poland as a threat to the security of the Russian Federation

The Central District Court of Orenburg recognized the announcement on the website about the sale of Peking cabbage from Poland as a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation. Novaya Gazeta was told about this in the publishing holding Krestyanin, which owns the site.

As follows from the  case card , the court decided to restrict access to the website page with the announcement.

The Orenburg transport prosecutor’s office demanded that the information on the sale of cabbage be recognized as prohibited.

According to the department, the “public danger” of the announcement lies in the fact that the sale of vegetables from Poland “in violation of the existing prohibitions and restrictions, creates a threat to the interests and security of the Russian Federation.”

As clarifies “Novaya”, the announcement in question was published in 2013, that is, a year before Russia imposed a food embargo against countries that adopted sanctions against Russia.

(c)MEDUZA 2020


  • англійський масон

    I can’t see why the vatnikis should be worried about Cabbages from anywhere else, although the Polish Cabbages growing in the fields have a lot more intelligence than the Cabbages in the big red house.

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  • Cabbages are now an national security threat to Muscovy. All Polish cabbages are to be exterminated immediately.

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    • It is a national security emergency and so is the borshcht recipe from Ukraine. But, that’s just in the Kremlin, the people of Russia know cabbage from Poland and a borshcht recipe from Ukraine are normal because Russia can’t make anything without stealing it first or getting products from foreign countries.

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  • Next, the air currents coming in from Europe pose a national threat to mafia land.
    Okay, I admit, being afraid of cabbages is much funnier.
    Oh, brother! What are those idiots smoking?

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