A bill on imprisonment for blocking streets was submitted to the State Duma

State Duma deputy from “United Russia” Dmitry Vyatkin submitted to parliament a bill providing for up to one year in prison for deliberately blocking streets, if it threatened the life, health and safety of citizens or created a threat of destruction or damage to property.

The deputy suggested making appropriate changes to Article 267 of the Criminal Code of Russia (“Making vehicles or communication lines unusable”).

If, due to the blocking of the streets, a person was inadvertently inflicted with light harm to health, then in this case, according to the bill, the maximum punishment will be two years in prison. If we are talking about harm to health of moderate severity, then the maximum punishment is three years in prison.

Responsibility for serious harm to health, death of a person or a group of people is already provided for in the current edition of Article 267 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In Russia, streets are often blocked inconsistently during protests.

Deputy Dmitry Vyatkin is the author of several high-profile bills recently submitted to parliament for consideration.

In November, the parliamentarian introduced two bills that tighten the rules for holding rallies. In particular, the deputy proposed to recognize lines for pickets and mass movements of citizens in public places as rallies. Another of his bill provides for fines for violating the procedure for financing rallies.

In December, Dmitry Vyatkin introduced a bill providing for up to two years in prison for spreading defamation on the Internet.

(C)MEDUZA 2020


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