Water supply in Yalta was limited to six hours a day

In Yalta, from December 14, there is an hourly schedule of water supply. About this with reference to the head of the state enterprise “Water of Crimea” Vladimir Bazhenov reports TASS.

Residents of Yalta receive water from six to nine in the morning and from 18:00 to 21:00, Bazhenov said. Water is supplied to hospitals without restrictions, says Dmitry Karnaukh, deputy head of the Yalta administration.

The restrictions were introduced due to the shallowing of the Crimean reservoirs. How long water will be supplied according to the schedule is not specified.

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  • I fondly remember the days of freedom in Crimea, before the Russian mobsters stole it and turned it into a cesspool. Only, this cesspool is drying up. How will they flush all the piss and turd down the drains?

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    • It’s terrible to see all the destruction brought by Russia everywhere they go. Unfortunately I’ve never been on a visit to Crimea, we had one planned for 2015 to visit a cousin of Alina that have an apartment there for vacations. The only way Putin can solve this situation is to attack Ukraine and occupy a southern corridor and that will have a cost that will be to high. I can’t understand how he can keep Crimea without water?

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      • The Crimea only had water for 40 years or so and he doesn’t care about the people. He just wants a military base. Even without water the place is better than Putintopia.

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      • It’s unfortunate that you’ve never visited Crimea. In particular, the southern region is mountainous with forests and is very picturesque and beautiful. The northern sector is fairly flat and quite empty. Reminds me much of the American prairie. I am friends with two families and a couple of other individuals there. Most I haven’t seen since the rodent stole the peninsula.

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