The Times reported on the second attempt to poison Navalny with Novichok – in a hospital in Omsk

Another assassination attempt was made on the politician Alexei Navalny, writes the British The Times, citing sources in the Western intelligence services. According to the newspaper, they tried to poison Navalny for the second time with Novichok before he was evacuated from Omsk to Berlin.

The alleged state security agents, according to The Times, entered the hospital where Navalny was lying. Their goal, the newspaper writes, was to prevent the politician from being taken to a clinic in Berlin alive.

Both attempts at poisoning, RBC quotes an article by The Times, the full version of which is available only by subscription, failed due to the fact that the doctors managed to administer atropine to Navalny, an antidote for Novichok.

On August 20, Alexei Navalny got sick on the Tomsk-Moscow plane. The politician was taken to a hospital in Omsk, from where, two days later, in a state of coma, he was evacuated to Germany at the Charite clinic in Berlin. Doctors at a Russian hospital said they were considering a version of Navalny’s poisoning, but it was not confirmed. The German government announced in early September that German doctors had discovered that Navalny had been poisoned with a substance from the Novichok group. The Russian authorities deny any involvement in the assassination attempt on Navalny.

Navalny’s associates stated that a bottle with traces of a poisonous substance was found in a hotel room in Tomsk, where the politician stayed during his trip to Siberia. The bottle was packed and sent to Germany on an air ambulance plane, which brought Navalny to the Charite clinic in Berlin. In November, the German government announced that traces of the poisonous substance had been found on other items from the hotel room where Navalny was staying.

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  • An Aeroflot stewardess poisoned Anna Politkovskaya. When that didn’t quite work they decided to finish her off. She was shot twice in the chest, once in the shoulder, and once in the head at point-blank range. The assassination was on the rodent dictator’s birthday, and two days after Kadyrov’s 30th birthday. The rodent ordered the hit and Kadirov’s goons carried it out.

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  • How much did certain Western leaders puff up with hot air after the attempted murder of Navalny? Even Nord Stream II was announced to be in danger of being completed.
    But, we all knew that once the voluminous CO2 was exhausted, it would be business as usual with mafia land. It is bad enough for the world that there is such a thing as mafia land. What makes it worse is all the Western politicians who reside in the rat’s anus who leads mafia land.

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