Lukashenko approves new guidelines for Russian and Belarusian troops

Alexander Lukashenko has approved updated guidelines for the regional contingents of Russian and Belarusian troops, reports BELTA news agency.

“No matter how much we say here, no matter how much the leadership of the United States, and now the leadership of NATO, will try to put us to sleep. They say, we are making excuses. No, we just train like that. But we are military people. Even if we train, it means something. That’s why we can’t be complacent. Even if we have a really powerful army behind us, as they say the second army in the world is very powerful. But we cannot be complacent with all of that,” Lukashenko said during the presentation of the plan.

The document was presented by Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin and Chief of the General Staff Alexander Wolfovich. Lukashenko said that similar work is being carried out in Russia.

According to him, the regional troops are provided as part of the Union State agreements on mutual defense of the borders.

On September 3, Russia and Belarus agreed to create a Union State “based on the independence of the countries.”

The Union State is a supra-state association between Russia and Belarus with a unified political, economic, military, customs, currency, legal, humanitarian and cultural space.

In 2019, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko agreed that Russia and Belarus will create a single parliament and government within the Union State.

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  • “Even if we have a really powerful army behind us, as they say the second army in the world is very powerful.”

    If you ever go to war Luka, don’t worry, Russians will be behind you. They certainly won’t be in front of you.

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  • Why is this fat fuck still residing in Minsk?! He should detach his filthy behind from Putin’s banana and catch a plane to Caracas!

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  • I want a new guideline on electrocution of the small genitals of United Russia party members, Russian soldiers in Donbas, Georgia, Moldova, Syria and Crimea, as wel as the riot police in Belarus, Lukashenko, his slut and all party members, the former members of the Party of Region and all current members of the Opposition Bloc, as well for supporters of North Stream 2.

    Furthermore, I want strict guidelines for this group on the mandatory use of chemicals, radioactive substances, mandatory deskinning, removal of genitals and limbs with a razor knife, removal of any reproductive organs and of course, the obligatory shattering of their bones and burning of the remaining human tissue should also be tightly regulated.

    And to save money and to protect the environment, we should use as little resources as possible, so I suggest we should prohibit any use of anaesthetics.

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