Dodon invites Sandu to discuss dissolution of Moldovan parliament


Outgoing Moldovan President Igor Dodon has congratulated Maia Sandu on her election as new president and on the endorsement of the election outcome by the Constitutional Court and invited her to start consultations for setting a date for early parliamentary elections.

“The PSRM [the Moldovan Party of Socialists] and I respect the choice made by the citizens and will support the president-elect’s steps toward dissolving the parliament and organizing early elections,” Dodon wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

“We stand ready to discuss this and determine the most suitable date for organizing early elections together with the PAS [Party of Action and Solidarity] to make sure that they are held in line with the law, without political and non-transparent games, and without jeopardizing the process of governing the country and the people’s health,” Dodon said.

“The popular vote has also shown that the other parties enjoy very little confidence with the voters, and this confirms that the parliament, in its current shape, no longer represents the people and should be dissolved as soon as possible,” he said.

Dodon said that, after his presidential mandate expires on December 24, he would act in line with the mandate issued to him by 700,000 people in the past elections.

“Together with the PSRM, we’ll be more active than ever before, and definitely, our role on the political arena will be decisive in the foreseeable future,” he said.

Earlier on Thursday, the Constitutional Court validated the outcome of the presidential election held in Moldova on November 15, proclaiming Sandu as new president.

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