Levada: Putin’s rating among young people fell over the year from 36% to 20%

Vladimir Putin’s rating remains at a pre-quarantine level – if the presidential elections in Russia were held next weekend, 39% of citizens would be ready to vote for him. This is evidenced by the results of a survey by the Levada Center. In December 2019, 38% of Russians were ready to vote for Putin. 

It is noteworthy that the next most popular answers for Putin in the survey are “I would not vote” (24%) and “I don’t know who to vote for” (16%).

Another feature of the survey that Open Media draws attention to is the changing preferences of age groups. Thus, over the course of the year, the share of voters between the ages of 18 and 24 who are ready to vote for Putin dropped from 36% to 20%. On the contrary, among people aged 40 to 54, sympathy for the current president increased from 31% to 39%.

Age groups from 25 to 39 years old and from 55 years old are stable in their preferences. Like a year ago, 30% and 51% of them, respectively, are ready to vote for Putin.

Changes in the mood of young people are an important indicator that people have ceased to perceive and reproduce the power discourse, political analyst Abbas Gallyamov believes. The reaction of young people anticipates what will happen in the future with the rest of the age groups.

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  • These boomers are always ruining everything. Not just in Russia or Ukraine.

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  • The Moskovia polls are even worse than America’s. They poll the little zit at 38% and then he wins with 78%…..;)) The difference is, the polls in Moskovia are correct but the vote is not. In America the polls are not correct and neither is the vote.

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  • In a land like mafia land, there is always a particular level of uncertainty to answer a poll truthfully or not. How many people suddenly found themselves in jail or being bullied by fake pollsters testing the sheep when the given answers were not as expected? It is always safe to assume that any negative answer pertaining to the sewer rat is actually 10% – 30% higher or a positive one that much lower.

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