Denmark ‘Mistaken’ With Russian Spy Charges, Moscow Says

Denmark is at least the third Nordic country to accuse Russia of espionage in recent years.Francis Joseph Dean / Imago / TASS

A Russian national’s arrest on suspicion of espionage in Denmark is a mistake, Russia’s Embassy in Copenhagen told Interfax on Wednesday.

The unnamed Russian citizen is suspected of providing information about Danish energy technology to Russia’s intelligence service, Reuters quoted Danish public prosecutors earlier in the day.

“The Russian Embassy in Denmark considers the arrest of our compatriot and the charges of espionage against him a mistake,” Interfax quoted the diplomatic mission as saying.

“We expect the Danish justice system’s unbiased approach toward considering this case. We hope for an acquittal and the release of our compatriot,” it added.

Denmark has reportedly held the suspected Russian spy in custody since July 2020.

According to Interfax, Danish prosecutors intend to seek a prison term and deportation for the Russian national.

Denmark is at least the third Nordic country to accuse Russia of espionage in recent years. In August, Norway expelled a Russian diplomat following a spy scandal while Sweden detained, then released, in 2019 a naturalized Swedish citizen suspected of spying for Russia.

On Tuesday, Norway’s domestic spy agency blamed Russia’s Fancy Bear hacker group for a “brute force attack” on its parliament in August 2020.



  • No cries of Russophobia? No cries of Denmark being as US puppet? I nearly forgot, Muscovy still have 120km of pipes to lay in Danish waters, not that that would have anything to do with Muscovy being very diplomatic. Fucking hypocrites.

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    • And once again the civilized western country will deport the Moskali GRU spy instead of putting him in prison for 20 years like Putin would do. This is why the hacking and spying continues and this is why Nord Stream 2 continues too. What happens when you appease fascist Putin? You get rewind and replay for 20 years.

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