Russians who were forbidden to leave the country because of debts increased by 700 thousand over the year

Over the year, the number of Russians who were restricted from traveling abroad due to debts increased by 700 thousand people. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Federal Bailiff Service.

As of November 1, according to the FSSP, 4.1 million debtors were not allowed to travel abroad, a year earlier there were 3.4 million.

In total, in January-October 2020, the service issued 7.5 million orders to temporarily ban leaving the country in the presence of debts.

The bailiffs have the right to temporarily prohibit traveling abroad with a debt of 30 thousand rubles, if we are talking about a debt for alimony – from 10 thousand rubles.

This measure has been applied to debtors in Russia since 2005. The decree on travel restrictions is valid for six months, if during this time the debt is repaid, the ban will be lifted, but it takes some time. If the debt remains after six months, the order may be extended.

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