Ukraine hopes to join NATO by 2030 – Foreign Ministry


Ukraine could become a NATO member before 2030, Ukrainian First Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova said.

“Ukraine is being optimistic. In 2030, we see ourselves as a full-fledged NATO member. Within this context, granting Ukraine a Membership Action Plan would be a new powerful impetus for further progress on the path toward reform and mobilizing efforts with a view to meeting the membership criteria,” Dzhaparova said in a Facebook video.

Ukraine appreciates being included in the discussion of matters of strengthening NATO’s political dimension under the NATO 2030 concept, she said, commenting on the NATO 2030 Expert Group’s Report “United for a New Era,” which was presented by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The report reaffirms commitment to the open doors policy with the aim of reinforcing the eastern flank and boosting cooperation with eastern partners, including Georgia and Ukraine, Dzhaparova said.

The report says that NATO should remain committed to the resolutions of the 2008 Bucharest Summit and take the discussion of future membership to a higher level. NATO should also look for opportunities to expand and strengthen its alliances with Ukraine and Georgia, which aspire to membership and are under constant external and internal pressure from Russia.

The report says that the Ukraine situation should remain an important item on the NATO-Russia Council agenda. There can be no return to business as usual with Russia until it has changed its behavior. The price for continued Russian aggression against Ukraine must increase: sanctions should not just be renewed, but also strengthened, the report said.

“We hope that these recommendations will be reflected in a future NATO strategic concept,” Dzhaparova said.

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