Near Volokolamsk, the spouses and their 16-year-old daughter were shot and burned. There is a version that they were killed by a neighbor, whose horses the family complained about

The Investigative Committee of Russia detained three men suspected of killing a married couple and their 16-year-old daughter in the Volokolamsk district of the Moscow region.

The burnt fragments of the bodies of three killed people were found on December 4 in an abandoned burnt-out house on the outskirts of the gardening non-profit partnership “Malakhit” , according to the website of the Moscow Region SK. On the bodies of all the victims were found gunshot wounds, according to the telegram channel “112”. According  to Life Shot, the spouses Andrei and Ekaterina Ryumina and their daughter Anna were killed. Their burned car was parked near the house.

According to the investigation, the family stopped communicating a few days ago. Life writes that relatives of the Ryumins announced their disappearance on December 3. The spouses and their daughter came to Volokolamsk from Moscow after they learned that their country house had burned down, the 112 Telegram channel reported . The head of the family was informed about the fire by the head of the horticultural partnership, writes Life.

“112” cites the words of eyewitnesses that the family was killed by their neighbor in a gardening partnership, Andrei Logutenkov , who shot them several times with a hunting rifle. The family was attacked at the entrances to the dacha village, shooting a car, after which the bodies of people were brought into the house and set on fire. Judging by the photographs from the scene, there are traces of shots on the burnt car.

According  to Life, in the spring, the Ryumins had a conflict with Logutenkov due to the fact that he began to breed animals on his plot: rabbits, geese, chickens and four horses. The family complained about him to the authorities because of the pungent unpleasant odor; during the check, officials discovered many violations and issued large fines to Logutenkov. After that, the neighbor in the dacha began to threaten the Ryumin, about which they told the police.

Investigators “hot on the trail” detained a resident of Moscow born in 1980 (according to unconfirmed reports , this is Andrei Logutenkov). TASS writes with reference to a source that among the detainees there is a neighbor of the killed, with whom he had a conflict; the agency does not give his name. The investigators also detained a resident of Moscow born in 1989 and a resident of Solnechnogorsk near Moscow, born in 1993. What is the role of each detainee in the crime is still unknown.

During the interrogation, the suspects confessed. According to the investigation, the detainees said that they had committed the murder during the conflict that began because of claims against them – allegedly the victims accused the men of being involved in the arson of their country house. During the search, the investigators found a weapon from which they fired at Ryumin.

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