Kyiv Will Install 31-Meters Artificial New Year Tree On Sofiiska Square


Kyiv will install a 31 meters high artificial New Year tree on Sofiiska Square and will not hold concerts on New Year holidays.

Speakers from the Kyiv City State Administration announced this at a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“In connection with the spread of the coronavirus, this year it was decided to abandon the traditional format of celebration involving food courts, concert, animation programs. Art installations, souvenirs, drinks and snacks will be waiting for Kyiv residents on Sofiiska Square,” said the head of the coordination department and monitoring of mass events in the city of Kyiv and implementation of projects of the Kyiv City State Administration apparatus Kyrylo Voronin.

He noted that the central part of the city will not overlap during the New Year holidays.

Also, the Kyiv City State Administration has developed the first New Year’s pedestrian route, which passes through the Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge, the Alley of Artists, Andriivskyi Descent, Kontraktova Square.

Art installations and other decor will be located throughout the route.

Director of the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration Diana Popova emphasized that the main New Year tree will be artificial, its height will be 31 meters.

“This year the New Year tree will be artificial, because indeed, this year is unusual and we are listening to criticism,” Popova said.

She added that New Year trees will also be installed in all districts.

The theme this year is European and Ukrainian.

The founder of the Folk Ukraine project, organizer of New Year and Christmas holidays at Sofiiska and Kontraktova squares, Ihor Dobrutskyi, noted that Mayor Vitali Klitschko will traditionally light the tree on December 19 at 07:00 p.m.

First, he will light the Christmas star, and then the tree.

While St. Nicholas is on self-isolation, we have developed a version of the hologram – he will communicate with the mayor and together with him will light the octagonal Christmas star,” Dobrutskyi said.

Besides, he said that everyone from their home will be able to project their photo onto a Christmas tree decoration, and they will also be able to write a message for their loved ones.

Dobrutskyi added that attractions for children will be regularly disinfected, people will be encouraged to maintain social distance.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 90% of the mayors surveyed by the Cabinet of Ministers supported a complete ban on holding concerts on New Year holidays.

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