US Congress wants to rule out Nordstream 2 sanctions on Europe


Actually, the US government wants to avoid Nord Stream 2 shortly before completion. The impending sanctions are now being expanded, but with severe restrictions.

In the dispute over the German-Russian Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2, the US Congress wants to extend the impending sanctions, but first consult with European partner states. This is evident from the bill on the US defense budget, which the Democrats and Republicans reached agreement on Thursday (local time) in both houses of the US Congress.

In addition, because of Nord Stream 2, no sanctions may be imposed on the governments of Germany, other EU member states, Switzerland, Norway and Great Britain or the EU itself. It was previously known that both the House of Representatives and the Senate – the two chambers in the US Congress – want to extend sanctions against the companies involved in the pipeline.

Previous draft bills, now brought together for the Defense Budget Package (NDAA), did not previously mention that European partners should be consulted or that sanctions against countries in Europe were not allowed. After passing through both houses in Congress, US President Donald Trump must sign the law for it to take effect.

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  • Come on, teach them a lesson instead of this weak shit.
    I would almost say: if only one mm3 of gas flows through that pipe, no article 5 for you. Then you are on your own if Russia attacks.

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