American M-9 Reaper drones will try to penetrate Ukrainian air space during joint drills

Ukrainian air defense for the first time will try to intercept the American drones M-9 Reaper. As part of the joint drills, the Ukrainian military want to see whether the drones will be able to overcome Ukrainian air defenses, reported the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The exercises will take place in the area of responsibility of the Air Command West. The Ukrainian Armed Forces noted that these drills are an extremely important element of cooperation with air defense specialists of the U.S. Air Force Command in Europe.

The purpose of such exercises is to share experience in the field of air defense.

“This is a good opportunity to learn from the vast experience of our American friends and to receive some logistical support,” said Major General Dmytro Karpenko, acting commander of Air Command West.

According to Kevin O’Brien, a representative of the U.S. Air Force in Europe, this will help Ukrainian air defense units to test the ground-based anti-aircraft missile forces.

The joint drills are part of Ukraine-USA exercises Clear Skies.

In September, Ukraine began a unique military exercise “Joint Effort 2020” which is held jointly with Great Britain. Their goal is to implement NATO standards and procedures. Also, such training should increase the level of cooperation of the Ukrainian military, in particular paratroopers, and partner states.

As part of these exercises, three strategic U.S. Air Force B-52H bombers twice flew over Ukraine.

Both the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and the U.S. Air Force Command in Europe noted that these are planned patrols, their goal is to improve the cooperation of NATO countries and partners and Ukraine.

“Ukraine’s strategic partners once again demonstrate to the Russian leadership that they will not leave Ukraine alone and will not allow to turn the Black and Azov Seas into the inner lakes of the Russian Federation,” the Command of the Ukrainian Air Force stressed.

(C)UAWIRE 2020


  • Cool. I wonder if the Ukrainians will able to intercept the Reaper.

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    • It will be interesting to find out. I hope they do, lol. It’s just a matter of time until Vladolf makes a mistake and gets lit up like they did in Syria. But then again, this doctrine ends in January. Then back to the speeches and warm blankets doctrine.

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  • Excellent training for both countries.
    The US gets to test their tactics against Soviet era technology w/ upgrades and Ukraine gets to test their air defense systems and technology against an advanced adversary.
    Hopefully Ukraine will also learn how o best employ their new drones before committing them against Russia.
    It is hard to admit but I am becoming impressed with the Ukraine military establishment’s commitment to modernize.
    I say that guardly because they can always fall back on old habits but for now they seem to be on the cutting edge.

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