Ukraine military intel reports on number of Russian invaders in occupied Donbas

21:00, 30.11.20 – UNIAN

Occupation forces are only staffed by up to 80%.

Some 35,000 of Russian-controlled military oppose Ukrainian troops in the occupied Donbas, the Ukrainian military intelligence reports.

That’s according to Vadym Skybystky, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) at the Ministry of Defense.

Commenting on the latest mobilization readiness checks by the Russian occupation administration, Skybytsky noted that the rear and support units are seen as best staffed.

“The issue with mobilization resources was reported during inspections of army corps 1 and army corps 2 by the Russian General Staff’s commission. The shortcomings revealed are being urgently eliminated,” the GRU official added.

The military intelligence says a 35,500-strong Russian occupation force has been deployed in Donbas. Some 3,000 regular military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces are serving with the 1st and 2nd army corps.

At the same time, the military intelligence of Ukraine says, there is an ongoing outflow of soldiers from the occupation forces’ units, as well as a shrinking mobilization resource.

The GRU explains that this is due to the difficult social and economic conditions in the occupied region, where many leave to find jobs elsewhere, including in Russia. In this regard, Russian security officials are making efforts to block male citizens aged 18 to 50 from crossing out to Russia.


  • “Russian security officials are making efforts to block male citizens aged 18 to 50 from crossing out to Russia.”

    If Russia can force it’s men to stay in the Russia, why doesn’t Ukraine match that and make certain no Russian men from the ages of 18 – 50 don’t enter Ukraine?! We can help the Russians :))) This opportunity is served to Zelensky on a silver platter, do it! This will stop the enemy from sending their GRU and KGB animals into Ukraine, but in a cynical friendly way.

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    • I would do the exact opposite. There is no work in the area, outside of the military. I think many of the mercenaires aren’t necessarily Putlerites, but instead just need the money.

      Give those that men that are in this age range, work and housing in Ukraine. Then the occupation costs will rise dramatically, while the morale will further sink in this areas.


      • Did you read the article? Who are you? Is that you, Bert? You would bring Russians into Ukraine and give them a bunch of free stuff? Oh you Socialists are all alike. Everything is free and wonderful until you run out of other people’s money. These men made choices, they’re not children like you. Besides, Ukraine doesn’t need any more Russian culture, we’re still trying to get rid of it.

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        • Don’t forget to mention that these fuckerz came to kill ukrainians! Then they quit and live the good life on the ukrainian side? WTF?!

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        • I am not a socialist. I guess Americans have no clue what that words entails.

          Secondly: my point is to stimulate Russian soldiers to desert. I am not telling to give them stuff for free (as you can force them to work, let is be cleaning barracks or cleaning the streets in Kyiv).

          The point is that many soldiers are fighting for Russia, because if they don’t, their family won’t have food and housing.

          Consider that about 90% of the occupation army in the Donbas consists of Ukrainian citizens, of which many lacked family nor means to leave the Donbas.

          And this is not socialist, many armies have tried to make the enemy desert. South-Korea and Western-Germany did the same thing.

          If you consider the war is hopeless and the morale is low, it may not even be so hard to make enemy soldiers lay down their arms.

          But if they stop fighting now, they 1) cannot feed themselves and the enemy 2) they will get persecuted once they set foot on non-occupied territory.

          For the same reason, Ukraine launched tv and radio channels to make the residents of Donbas know life in Ukraine is much better.

          But pretty much all men of working age in the Donbas are in the army, and they have no choice other than living in the trenches killing Ukrainians, or starve.

          Imagine this is how East-Germany fell: the soldiers, border guards and the police gave up, as they were aware they could have a better life under West-German rule.

          The same is what I suggest Ukraine to do. Russia cannot continue the war in Donbas, unless enough locals fight for them.


  • Used, ass wiped with, and abandoned. That’s RuSSia for you! Keep this scum out of Ukraine!

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  • “…Russian security officials are making efforts to block male citizens aged 18 to 50 from crossing out to Russia.”
    This brings back memories of the Berlin Wall. It too was built to keep citizens IN and not enemies OUT. That is communism for you … or fascism … or any filthy dick-tatorship.

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