• As if Biden impeached Trump. I think you made him more powerful than he really is.

          And no election was rigged. He just got more votes.

          • Trump has lost the election more times than any other, he lose every time he pay for a recount. The last recount costed Trump $32,000 for every vote Biden gained 🙂 It will be good to have a decent man back in the White House!

              • And he was a close friend of Biden 😉 Now it seems that Biden will make his wife an ambassador to England!

                • All fine with me. Once his victory is confirmed as legal i will look forward to a president who is not another Obama, but some fresh change in comparison. Really sad is that Donny wants to run again in 2024. 😕 He is too old. And Biden is also very fossil. I hope they will nominate Cruz and Haley for a 2024 ticket. I’m suffering from intestinal problems again. I have little time for politics, since i have to mind my own issues at the moment. 😎 Donny is still whining on Twitter. My account was suspended 1 day before the election. Democracy in action. 😯

          • You are either insane, or a paid liar. Perhaps both. There is a mountain of evidence that the Dims have worked to rig the election. As things stand, in PA the mail in ballots were unconstitutional. In GA, the vote can not audited because Dominion machines to allow an audit trail. In MI, there was clear rigging in the Detroit are, as there was in PA in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. In NV, there were ballots from people that don’t live in the state, and plenty of that in AZ as well. In fact, it looks like it was widespread across the country.

            One can deny facts all they like, but it simply makes them look like fools. Get ready for Trump to inaugurated in January as the election was clearly tainted and rigged for Biden. That’s been coming out, and there is far more to come.

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