Lukashenko warned against handing over the Belarusian Constitution to an “unknown president”

It is necessary to introduce amendments to the Constitution of Belarus “beneficial for the country” so that the state “does not collapse later,” believes Alexander Lukashenko. He said this during a visit to the Minsk city hospital No. 6.

“I am a supporter of the new Constitution. Not because you need some kind of democracy. It’s not about democracy. What worries me in this situation is that such a Constitution cannot be given to an unfamiliar president. There will be trouble, ”Lukashenka’s press service is quoted as saying.

According to him, Belarus, along with Russia and Kazakhstan, has a “very serious Constitution.”

Perhaps, here are three advanced states that have such a serious and tough Constitution, where everything depends on the president’s decision. From this point of view, realizing that God forbid a person comes and wants to unleash a war and so on … Yes, we need to create a new Constitution, but beneficial for our country, so that later the country does not collapse.

Lukashenko has been talking about the new Constitution of Belarus since 2016. He returned to this issue in mid-2020 during the presidential campaign.

In particular, he  stated that he had already been offered “several options”, but they were “not suitable”. Lukashenko also promised that amendments to the current basic law of the republic would be prepared in two years, and they would be adopted through a referendum.

In October 2020, 12 people in the KGB pre-trial detention center in Minsk, most of whom were  recognized as  political prisoners, met with Lukashenka and discussed amendments to the Constitution with him. “Half of them, as I understand it, are lawyers and they understand perfectly well that you cannot write the Constitution on the street,” Lukashenka said.

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  1. “What worries me in this situation is that such a Constitution cannot be given to an unfamiliar president. There will be trouble”

    This fake president will soon be demoted to the status of regional governer of West Russia, formerly known as Belarus, so he doesn’t need to worry about any constitution.

    • Then Norway need to find a new producer of farmed salmon 😉 It’s some rumors about an invitation of Tikhanovskaya to visit Biden?

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