The Godfather, the Sodom and the Russian Threat

Ukraine is back in the focus of pro-Kremlin media, as Maidan protests started seven years ago.

A chapter in the recent study by NATO StratCom COE(opens in a new tab) lists and compares narratives that were pushed by the pro-Kremlin media in 2016 and 2018. One of these narratives, present in both years, is the claim that the idea of Russian threat is ridiculous.

Fast forward two years and what do we see? The Lithuanian Sputnik announces that NATO and the Baltic states are using the “Russian threat”(opens in a new tab) to justify security agreements with the US and deployment of NATO troops in their territories. The Sputnik article concludes with a bombshell: “Moscow has said it has no plans to attack any country.”

Hmm, unless this country is Ukraine. Or Georgia. Or…

It is clear that the renewed interest in security and territorial defence of European countries post the 2014 aggression against Ukraine is a concern for pro-Kremlin media. In such articles the pro-Kremlin media applies a cocktail of unfounded claims about agressiveness towards Russia with ridicule and threats of destruction if someone even dares to think about buying something painted in camouflage(opens in a new tab).

The latest example of this comes from the TASS Russian news agency, as commentary on the Finnish plan to buy multi-role fighters: “Maybe Finns are not aware that all Iskanders [short-range ballistic missile system] at the Leningrad Oblast now most likely look not only at the Baltic countries, but also at Finns(opens in a new tab).”

Thus, according to pro-Kremlin media, it’s all clear: Russia has no plans to attack anyone, Russia aims its short-range ballistic missiles at its neighbours, but the Russian threat should be discounted.

Or is it clear? 23 out of 69 cases we collected this week focus on Ukraine, since the events on the Maidan square began in November 2013 and were later followed by illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia. The anniversary of Maidan, a touchy topic for the Kremlin(opens in a new tab), also explains why lots of old classic disinformation narratives were dusted off:

  1. There is civil war in Ukraine(opens in a new tab)
  2. Ukraine lost its sovereignty(opens in a new tab) after Euromaidan
  3. Euromaidan was a coup (armed(opens in a new tab), fascist(opens in a new tab) and Russophobic!)

There are also some new unfounded claims stating that Ukraine will send people who own Russian passport to concentration camps(opens in a new tab) or even “death camps(opens in a new tab)“.

However, the aforementioned narratives are outperformed by the claim that in 2014 the Crimean population realised the right to self-determination through a free and peaceful vote(opens in a new tab) in accordance with international standards.

Paraphrasing the ’With a Little Help From My Friends’ by The Beatles “I get self-determination with a little help from my little green friends (in tanks and armoured personnel carriers)!”

Now, on a more serious note (kidding!) this week also offered some humorous examples of disinformation. According to pro-Kremlin media, the values of the Council of Europe and the European Union are the values of Satan and that homosexuals having the right to create a family leads to “…catastrophic destruction“ greenlighting Sodom and Gomorrah(opens in a new tab).

The last example of disinformation comes from the US and concerns Skinny Joey or Joey Merlino, a reputed Philadelphia mob boss. Supposedly he was paid 3 million dollars to forge 300,000 votes for Joe Biden(opens in a new tab). But as often happens with interesting claims and pro-Kremlin disinformation, there is no evidence to support them.


  • “Thus, according to pro-Kremlin media, it’s all clear: Russia has no plans to attack anyone, Russia aims its short-range ballistic missiles at its neighbours, but the Russian threat should be discounted.”

    Russian logic at it’s finest!

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  • I prefer gays over wife-beaters anytime. Was once in a Café near Odesa with Suzanna. I had the ‘pleasure’ to witness a feud of a couple from RuSSia. The woman was holding a baby in her arms while arguing with her drunk husband. He punched her in the face and the baby fell to the ground. I will never forget this. I was close to intervening, but Suzanna held me back. The next morning we saw the poor woman again, wearing sunglasses. Later she turned to us and took them off, her eyes were black and blue. That is RuSSia for you, not less satanic than any islamic shithole.

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