Head of Ukraine’s patrol police tests stun gun on himself

Head of Ukraine's patrol police tests stun gun on himself

VIDEO23.11.2020 17:39

The Taser X2 stun gun automatically records the time, place and duration of every deployment and stores this information, the head of Ukraine’s patrol police, Yevhenii Zhukov, has said.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov posted the video of Zhukov’s speech on Twitter.

“The Taser helps immobilize an offender for a short time if the situation requires emergency measures. It automatically records the time, location and duration of every deployment and stores this information. Today, it is a safe way to stop an offender with minimal risk of harm to him and a police officer,” Zhukov said.

According to him, the Taser is used by police in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Australia, and a hundred other countries.

Zhukov said that the Ukrainian Health Ministry had approved the use of the Taser.

He also tested the stun gun on himself.

“It was quite unpleasant, but I’m safe and sound. My muscles contracted, but I was conscious all the time and I could breathe freely. As soon as they turned off the Taser, unpleasant sensations disappeared. At the moment, I feel like after a grueling workout and I’m definitely not ready to get into a fight,” Zhukov said.

On November 11, the Ukrainian government approved a bill to amend Article 45 of the Law of Ukraine “On the National Police,” which provides for the introduction of amendments to the grounds for the use of electroshock weapons by police.


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