Moderna has estimated the cost of a dose of their vaccine at $ 25-37. Sputnik V manufacturers said their price would be “much lower”

The price of one dose of covid vaccine, which is produced by the American company Moderna, will range from $ 25 to $ 37. The head of the company Stefan Bansel said this in an interview with Die Welt.

Bansel said the company was “not interested in maximizing profits” and called the price set “fair” given how much the healthcare system costs to treat one seriously ill patient. 

The specific cost in this or that case will depend on the volume of the batch that the buyer orders. 

The manufacturer of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, a few hours after the publication of the interview, announced that its price will be “much lower” than the vaccine from Moderna and from Pfizer (it will cost about $ 18). The exact cost of the dose of “Sputnik” in the Russian Direct Investment Fund was promised to be announced next week.

Moderna reported in mid-November that its vaccine was 94.5% effective. The company is now completing the third phase of vaccine trials and is preparing to obtain approval for its production in the coming weeks.

Pfizer initially rated its vaccine as 90% effective, but later raised that estimate to 95%. Sputnik V’s manufacturers reported 92% efficiency.

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