A theater in the taiga in three days through crowdfunding raised 300 thousand rubles for a new toilet. Now Kirill Serebrennikov invites fashion actors to perform there

The Motyginsky Drama Theater in the taiga village of Motygino in the Krasnoyarsk Territory raised more than 300 thousand rubles through crowdfunding to repair a toilet. It took three days, the theater’s artistic director, director Dmitry Turkov said on the fundraising page on the Planeta.ru platform.


Motygino is the smallest village in Russia with its own drama theater. Artistic director Dmitry Turkov calls Motygino the most inaccessible place in Russia where there is a theater. In summer, the village can be reached by a river crossing, in winter – by a winter road, that is, a road accessible only at sub-zero temperatures.IT IS FAR? HIGHLY!

On November 15, Dmitry Turkov announced a collection of money for the repair of the toilet, since the budget funds are enough “only for the minimum needs.” The artistic director said that the theater has two toilets: one of them is in the room, it is not connected to the sewage system, and a septic tank is used for wastewater. The second toilet, wooden, is located outside.

The idea to raise money appeared after the first toilet was “completely closed,” and the actresses began to “run in single file through the frost to the toilet,” Turkov told Znak.com. The administration of the theater decided to install a larger septic tank in the first toilet, as well as “change all the old, rotten plumbing”, and send the second one “for a well-deserved rest”.


A message on the Planeta.ru website said the toilet was not the theater’s only problem. The roof is also leaking in the building, the load-bearing wall is rotting, and because of the old wiring, the building almost burned down. Repair of the foundation is also needed. “It was necessary to start with something small, – the artistic director of the theater explained to the publication“ Rise ”. – This place is symbolic, a place of culture. The theater begins not only with a coat rack, but also with this case. The viewer should be cozy, comfortable, children come to us ”.

Already on November 17, Turkov announced that the money needed to repair the toilet had already been collected. He thanked everyone who supported the project and noted that the crowd campaign continues. Now the theater intends to raise 1.5 million rubles for roof repairs. The artistic director added that the super goal of the theater is to create an international cultural center Motygino on its basis and to revive the village. “We want to make Motygino an attractive place for teachers, actors, directors and other artists,” Turkov said.

After that, Kirill Serebrennikov, director and artistic director of the Gogol Center, drew attention to the theater’s problems. On November 19, on his instagram, he  called on directors and actors to cooperate with the Motyginsky Drama Theater:

I call on good, well-known, “fashionable” (!!!!!) directors and actors to do some kind of work in this theater in order to support wonderful people who are engaged in theater in difficult circumstances, and by this draw attention to the very idea of ​​the Theater – as a Russian cultural phenomenon.

Now actors from St. Petersburg are already performing in the theater. We hope others will participate too!

At the time of this writing, the theater managed to collect almost 370 thousand rubles.

(C)MEDUZA 2020

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